Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Warning: Rated G for Gross!

Warning! Rated G for Gross!

A mango worm is being dug out of my skin by Dr. Trixy. Can you see the head popping out? These are very common during the mango season. When you hang your clothes out to dry these little worms drop on them from the trees. Then when you put your clothes on they burrow into your skin and as they grow it becomes painful. At first you think it's just a pimple then I thought it was a boil then as Dr. Trixy speared the worm and hooked it out I realized it was a squiggly iggly worm living under my skin! I think I'll be putting my clothes in the dryer for the rest of the mango season.

We took this picture in the village of Bolifamba. Almost every time my husband goes to this village to preach we see a dog roasted whole nearby. We can smell the hair burning from inside the Church building. Shewweee!

We find these millipedes in the house almost everyday! The kids have fun playing with them but I ask them to kill the colorful ones as they may be poisonous. 

This bug is called Ngok in the village we live nearest to. We found a lot of them on our porch after a big rainstorm. Ngok are salted and fried as a nice treat for the people here. If John the Baptist can eat locust and wild honey I think I could try some fried Ngok! 

Yuck! Look at those legs! I have lived in 6 different homes in Africa and all of them have had these big roaches pop up from time to time. Now these I would NOT fry and try! There are several other critters we find in/near the house such as mosquitoes, ants, spiders, poisonous moths, geckos, snakes and such but they are too small or too fast to get a good picture of. We get pretty used to these sorts of things, so much so that we often don't even notice them... it's just a part of living over here and doing the work we do. 


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