Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Letters from Cameroon

As we've been here in the United States, travelling around to encourage and visit you all, we've tried to stay in contact with some of our friends and brethren in Cameroon. Often the correspondence has been about taking care of things back there, such as keeping our gym landlady from completely ruining the gym, but often too, there have been very encouraging letters of thanks and support that we have been blessed to receive. Here are some excerpts.

Tataw is one of the young men who is staying in our house while we are gone. He is a nursing student and also a youth leader there. We were able to team up in May for preaching and teaching in Muea Church of Christ. He is on the far right in this picture.

Hello Bro Jeremiah,

Accept greetings from Cameroon. Hope the good God we serve is richly blessing you and your entire family? As for us we are doing great by His grace. The birth of a baby girl in to your family and the family of the saints gives me joy. It is telling of the unfailing love of our God. We are so blessed to know your family. It has been a great source of strength and inspiration to me. Please, accept greeting from the brethren over here. We miss you and your entire family greatly. Permit me end here and have a nice day with Jesus. Thank You.

Best Regards
Bro. Tataw Stephen.

Nelson leading singing for our Cameroonian National Day Pray, Preaching, and Praise Party. 
Hi Mr Jery.
 I was in serious exam trouble. Thank God i finish yesterday. How is sis Britney and the baby. I hear her travail time near?
Just to let you know that we are fine an kicking in faith. Hope you are cooking some Cameroonian meals for sis Britney. Extend my regards to Jonathan and Hannah 


Hi bro Jery. 
Nice to hear that Sis Britney went through her travail safely. I thank God for that. 
I am in mamfe and internet access is not easy to find. What is the name of the baby?

I would go back to Buea, hopefully, two weeks from now, but after discussing with Stephen the house is ok.
When would you come back. Don't forget that you belong here. You are a Cameroonian boy. 

Andy, in the Red, is a student of Chemical Engineering, and a student in the Buea Bible Institute, run by the Buea town Church of Christ. He has been staying in our house while we have been gone. He and his father (sitting next to him in the white t-shirt) are great encouragements and excellent men. 
May the blessings of our God be with you. I write to wish you well and hoping that your going to the states be a success. I would like you to extend my greetings to Dr Rhys. I mistakenly washed the address he gave me in my shirt so I was unable to write to him. I'll like to thank him for teaching us and increasing our understanding on specific theological subject. May our lord protect you and your family. Like you always say all these things are done and occur to increase our faith.

Esther, on the left, has been of tremendous help to us while we have been away, handling our affairs with aplomb and integrity. She is a true Godsend and blessing of a friend.

From a number of emails:

We thank God in all that we do. It pleases me to hear that that 
Brittney is improving. I won't have to worry too much here again about her state of health. Tell her she has been the subject of all our prayers.

Please tell Brittney that she and the children have my love. What I hope to hear is the good news we all are
expecting...  any other thing will be secondary. Mama could start looking for the age fighting eye cream.

Extend my greetings to Mama and daddy (grand ma and grand pa.
Best always

Thanks for the mail as i was beginning to wonder if you are OK. I am so anxiously waiting to see our baby girl Carys. First things first, I want to see you back first, carry the baby then we talk about any thing else ahahah.
Send my love to all


Jean Claude, Esther Omam's sister, is the preacher of a church in Douala, a city of 1.5 million. He is on fire for the work of God, and in the few opportunities we've had to interact, an encouragement to me, as I have seen he is one who thinks about the Scripture and looks to the heart of it. I was able to snap a few pictures of his recent wedding and send them to him. We hope to take up his invitation when we get back.
Beloved Jeremiah & Brittney, H.
We are more than grateful for the love you shown to us during our wedding.
We do appreciate your concern to us and all the efforts you put in place to give us so marvellous pictures. I receive the pictures from my younger sister Mrs. Omam Esther in Buea as i went there with my newly wedded wife Mary Ethe.
How is your wife doing now? Since we  could not see each other at the airport that night you flew home, we keep on praying for her and the kids. Rest assure that we are still praying for both of you. Thanks again for the pictures.
On behalf of my wife and myself.
In christian love,
Mary and Jean-Claude ETHE T.
P.s. I am serving in the Douala Town Church of Christ that meet at Cite de la Paix (City of Peace hahahahah) We shall be honored the day you speak to our congregation
Aaron, sitting to my right, is the preacher of the Buea Town Church of Christ. 

Dearly beloved,
Greetings in Jesus name amen.
I was happy hearing from you on phone.
I thank God for the health of sis. Britni.
Extend our greetings to your family, Bro. Dr. Thomas and the churches of christs in your area.
I will send the students work through you to Bro. Thomas.
In the service of the Lord