Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Short Video!

Hi Guys!

Here is a new video about our work in Cameroon- it is basically a super rapid fire condensation of what we would share if we came to visit with you- we will call it the 'trailer' of our ministry. Feel free to share this, as it gives an introduction and an outlook on our ministry. Also, any feedback and comments are appreciated.


In Christ,

Friday, 14 June 2013

Our plans while in the US of A.

Greetings All!

What a whirlwind trip the last 10 days have been! Now that the "dust has settled," we are looking to try and make the most of the time while we are here. Here's what we are planning to do while we are here:

  1. Have a Baby. That one is kind of obvious, but we are looking forward to our third child. Until his/her arrival, we will, as a family, be in the mid-Missouri area, within an hour of the hospital at all times, as Brittney has short labors. When Hostetter 3 comes around, we will need to get Passports, Tickets, Vaccines, and Visas. 
  2. Rest Up. Brittney's medical problems, and our family's general ill health is partly from our immune systems being weak. Even though we have mosquito screens on all windows, filter all the water we drink, and are careful about what and where we eat, the pathogens in Cameroon are too many and are too foreign to our systems. To get back in good health, and be able to get back to work at 100% in Cameroon, we have to take time to rest. That's not easy for us- especially me (Jeremiah), but we will try our best not to overdo it while here so that we can be effective when we get back. 
  3. Work on Articles for Cameroon. Many times, I am so busy while in Cameroon that it is difficult to find time to sit down and write articles or lessons to give out over there. As we will be having a bit more free time, I hope to use some of that time to do some writing. The last article I wrote ended up being shared as far wide as Cameroon, Ghana, Montana, and India, so this is a worthwhile use of time. 
  4. Planning. Being away from Cameroon gives us a chance to have some perspective and review what we are doing and what we would like to do- to work on planning for the year to come. 
  5. Encouraging visits with you all. Until the baby comes, we will be here in Missouri, and the vicinity, sharing about our work, spending time with you, and seeking to be an encouragement to you all. We would be blessed to be able to visit you in your home, to share a meal together, or just "hang out." Time with spiritually minded people is always an encouragement to us. 
  6. Travelling to share. I (Jeremiah) will be available to travel and share, whether it is in your home, a breakfast club, at your school... I will share, anywhere- on a train, in a plane, on a boat, with a goat, in the dark, at the park, if your near or if you're far, it doesn't matter where you are, I will share anywhere! (The kids like Dr. Seuss). Seriously though, I would love to come, share our powerpoint or over coffee talk about what God has been doing in Cameroon, some of the challenges we have been facing, and what some of our plans are for the future. 

These are a few of the things on our To-Do List while we are here. There are a couple of ways we could use your involvement. 

1- As always, pray. Please keep us in your prayers over the next 15 weeks. It makes a big difference. While we can't see the hand of God physically, and we don't have divine revolution to know which events were direct answers to prayers, we do know that amazing things have happened when people have been praying for us... the fact that we are here in the United States at all is a perfect example. If you pray for us, it's not just sending nice thoughts our way- you are petitioning the most powerful being in space and time for assistance, and He is listening with a sympathetic ear. 
2- If Brittney and the baby are healthy and strong, we will want to do some travelling and visiting as a family.To do this, we will need a vehicle. Some good friends lent us a pickup truck, so that I and one of the kids can go ahead and start visiting during this time when Brittney isn't real mobile. It is a single cab truck though, so if we are going to make it anywhere as a family, we would need a means of transportation. If anyone has any ideas of a vehicle that we could use while we are here, we would be really appreciative. We would put some miles on it, but would have our own insurance, would take very good care of it, and return it sparkling clean with a full tank of gas. :) We aren't picky- we have used a Geo Metro without Air-conditioning to tour the United States before, an Oldsmobile and Ford Focus... anything with 5 seatbelts would be great. We are looking for anything in the Missouri area first... as we have been offered a vehicle to use but it is in Virginia, and thus difficult to pick up. 
3- We would like to schedule our time here, to visit you all. If you want us to come and visit, please give us a call. We will try and call or email many of you, but don't hesitate to call and let us know when you would like to spend time. You are all very dear to us, and we would really like to have a chance to see you all while we are here. Because of the nature of our travels, we didn't have a lot of time to prepare this all beforehand, so it is this week that we are working on when we can meet up. 

We would love to hear from you all, whether to set something up to get together, or for any other queries. 
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Call Us: 660-248-5252 or Jeremiah's Cell 660-281-6223

God bless you all, and we hope to see you soon! 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Greetings from Fayette, MO! Update on Brittney.

Hello all and greetings from Fayette, MO! First of all, I want to thank you for the love you all have shown to our family. Your encouragement has been a HUGE comfort through all that has been happening.

A lot has happened since we sent a blog out in Cameroon a week ago and we can see God working through this situation already. The same day we sent the blog out we (ok, my amazing husband Jeremiah) packed our bags, arranged someone to care for our house and dog, took care of getting tickets, took care of the kids, wrote a blog, picked me up from the hospital, etc and got us ready to go stateside. That evening we drove 1.5 hrs to Douala. From Douala we flew 45min to Yaounde, 6 hours to Brussels, 8 hours to Newark, 2 hrs 15min to St. Louis where my wonderful parents picked us up and then drove another 2.5 hrs to Fayette, MO. The whole plane trip I had vomiting, diarrhea, and severe contractions. I kept praying and reviewing the advice a good friend of mine gave to me if I were to have baby on the plane or in the airport. I remember going to the bathroom and watching many of the ladies freshen up and put make up on while I was brushing my teeth trying to hold it together so they would allow me on the next plane. Thankfully, there has been a HUGE change in my health from then and I'm confident that it's due to YOUR prayers.

Me at the hospital in Cameroon. I had 2 injections, 2 different types of meds, an IV and nothing seemed to help. It was a difficult decision to make to come to the US as we weren't planning to come for another 1 1/2 yrs. We didn't want to leave the new ministry that was being developed unless it was absolutely necessary nor did we have the finances. However, through the generosity of the Saints we now have over 1/2 our plane tickets paid for and the Cameroonians we have been working with were very understanding and helpful. 

Here I am getting a nap in at the Newark, NJ Airport. One more flight to go!
The kids were GREAT travelers.

We made it! In St. Louis safely where my parents picked us up. My parents are always willing to lay down their  lives and put others first. 

Columbia, MO has some of the best medical care in the country. I'm thankful my parents are only a 40 minute drive to Columbia. After arriving, I was able to go the hospital and get a scan done to see how baby was doing. Everything in the scan looked good. The next day I went to the doctor (the same one who delivered my parents first grand-child) and he was very helpful and had me take some tests. Praise God that the tests came back and everything was OK! On one of the tests my ferritin levels were low but an iron supplement will take care of that. After talking to the doctor it seems as if a combination of things were causing the contractions and he agreed getting to the States was a good idea. Since being pregnant I've had mumps, malaria, UTI, other infections, food poisoning, parasites in my intestines, viruses, etc and my body was having a hard time hydrating. Then, about a month ago, we started having a water truck bring water in from a river to put in our tank due to the city water being off for so long. The doctor is guessing (it's hard to say for sure w/ out water samples but it's a good guess) that the quality and quantity of water was causing my kidneys to overwork. So between that and all the other sicknesses, my body was having a hard time recovering and hydrating so my body started releasing the same hormones that cause contractions. 

I am very thankful that we were able to come to get good medical care. As of a few days ago my contractions have stopped and the parasites in my stomach have gone. I am gaining my strength back and even took the kids on a short walk to the playground. I'm also curious what other ways God is going to use this situation and us to glorify Him. "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28  I know my faith has grown through all this and the bonds with the Saints worldwide have grown tighter. 

A few things we will need to do to help keep us healthy and able to serve when we get back:
- When we get water hauled in from the river we will need to boil our drinking water before putting it into the filter or drink bottled water.
- Take a good vitamin and immune booster supplement.
- Be more diligent about applying bug repellent every morning and evening to keep from getting malaria and other tropical diseases from mosquitoes, tsetse flies, etc.
- Think of a good, safe way to clean our fresh fruits and veggies other than vinegar and salt water so we don't get cholera and such. (any ideas?)
- Prayer! We need extra prayers for health. A missionary lady in Cameroon recently died from an unknown cause and another lady almost died from her heart swelling from p.f. malaria. My in-laws have also faced many health issues serving in Africa. No matter how sanitary we are when going to the villages and even working w/ people in Buea (esp as I work w/ children) and water is limited; we are going to face health problems. I know people get sick everywhere you go but Cameroon has limited medical services. Prayers are much appreciated!

A sister in Christ shared this verse with me a few months ago and it has really helped me to keep my focus. "Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10


The Happy Hostetters

p.s. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Several people have asked us for our information so I have given it below.


House Phone # in the US-  660-248-5252 (We will send out our cell phone # when we get it.)

Mailing address in the states-   Hostetter Ministries
                                   506 N. Linn
                                   Fayette, MO

Mailing address in Cameroon-  Jeremiah and Brittney Hostetter
                                    P.O. Box 636 Buea
                                    South West, Cameroon

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Update on Brittney's Pregnancy.

On our very first pre-natal visit to the hospital here in Buea, the advice given us was to go to the United States and have the baby, as the medical facilities available here in Cameroon are very poor. Having had Hannah and Jonathan in Ghana, we decided to stick it out and try and have the baby in Cameroon. Not only would this save the expense of international travel, but would also enable us to continue our ministering and would be an opportunity for us to show love to the people here in identifying with them.

Many challenges have come up during the course of this pregnancy- Brittney has had the Mumps, Malaria, a urinary tract, another infection, and a stomach virus. Though we now have a water tank we believe many of these sicknesses have been due to previous water problems. She has also had a hernia of the stomach which has progressively worsened. Through all these challenges we pressed on, as the baby was never in serious danger. However, several days ago, Brittney started waking up in the night with sharp pains which were pre-mature contractions. At first we thought they might be common Braxton-Higgs contractions, but the pattern, pain and placement of the contractions indicated something more serious- there was an indication that if things continued as they have been, progressively intensifying, Brittney would prematurely deliver. At 31 weeks, the chance of the baby surviving in the poor medical environment here is very very poor. The doctor advised us that anything less than 35 weeks is extremely high risk of having serious health issues and there is also a risk to Brittney herself. 

Yesterday, in an effort to bring the situation under control, Brittney was admitted to the hospital. There she was put on IVs to make sure that she is well hydrated, and administered steroids and muscle relaxants to try and both strengthen the baby's lungs and relax the uterus. Last night, after 18 hours of medication and bed rest, instead of seeing some relief, Brittney was awake from 1 am till 7 with the strongest contractions yet. The choice was to either stay in Cameroon and take a chance with the life of the baby and Brittney's life, or to try and make it to the United States where even if the baby came now, the medical system would be able to care for a premature baby and Brittney. It has been a very difficult decision, and a daunting task, but we have decided that to risk the life of our little baby would be irresponsible and effectively testing God. 

The question then was, can she travel? Is it too late? Many prayers were being offered up, and this morning, out of the challenges, we saw a prayer answered. What we were told is that if the cervix was 4cm in length (not dilation) and above, there was no worry, the baby would not come early, and we should be okay. If however, the cervix was less than 2, the baby would come at any moment, and it would not be possible to travel. When they measured  this morning the cervix was at 3... in the danger zone and indicating a premature delivery, but still reasonably to travel if it is soon. 

Tonight, if the space opens up, we will be on a plane to the United States. We will be there for 4 months, allowing enough time for the baby to come, recovery, necessary vaccines, and to get travel documents for the newest Hostetter processed.

We were not yet planning to go to the US for another year so this is a big blow financially- involving going into debt. We do not have any sort of insurance to cover our travel expenses, nor medical insurance for any expenses while in the United States. We know that God can provide, and we have been blessed with a number of people who have already offered to help. So many prayers have been offered up, so much encouragement. We are truly humbled that within minutes of posting on facebook, some offers of assistance started coming in. They are dearly appreciated, as this is a trying challenge. 

We could use your help, dear friends and family. We need continued prayers- that we can get everything worked out for our extended absence within the next 5 hours, that we can get space on the flight this evening, that we can travel safely without any further complications and make it to the United States with the baby intact, and that God will supply our needs through this. We know how much He likes to build our faith, and it has been quite something to see the last year and a half here in Cameroon- the trials have come in waves and droves, and through them all we've learned to trust. We are not afraid or panicked, nor overly worried, not because the situation is not serious, but because we know that with so much prayer and petitions on our behalf, with the people of God stepping up in so many ways, through prayers, through encouragements, through offers of financial help, we are resting peacefully in spirit and soul, if not in body. We've asked- God will answer and we know He will use you, our strength and support, to bring a perfect solution to this situation. God bless- now I gotta get packing! :) 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

A thought on faith...

Two sick children, two worried parents. One parent, a Syrophoenician woman, the other a Synagogue leader. Both came to see Jesus. Both children were healed by Jesus. The Syrophoenician woman persevered in her faith, and Jesus healed her child with a word, never even laying eyes on the child. The Synagogue leader though wanted Jesus to come to the house, lay his hands on the girl, and heal his daughter. His faith, while enough to bring him to Jesus, was not as great as the Gentile woman's. Jesus went with the man, but sadly, before Jesus could reach the child and lay hands on her, the girl died. When they got to the house, there was a great commotion, people weeping and wailing over her death. There was terrible sadness, anxiety, and fear- what a tragedy. Even though everyone had given up hope, Jesus did proceed to heal the girl. This happy end gets much of our attention, but can you imagine the pain of the mother and family when they saw the child die? What a terrible thing to go through- to watch your child die. For some terrible moments, they did not know what the outcome would be- they had given up hope. I imagine those were some of the worst moments of their lives. 

It could have been avoided. If the Synagogue leader had had the faith of the Syrophoenician woman, or of the Centurion whose servant was healed from a distance, he could have said to Jesus- "Just say the word and my daughter would be healed." All the worry, the fretful trip to the house, the anxiety over the delay when the woman touched Jesus' cloak, the fighting through the crowds of people, the anguish of hearing that his daughter had died, the weeping and wailing, the feeling that he was too late- it could have been avoided. A little more faith and he would have had the same result- a healed daughter- without all the anguish. 

How often are we this man? How much worry and anxiety, fear and pain do we go through because we just didn't have a little more faith? I know that many times, stressful situations have come up during our time here in Cameroon. My natural tendency is to be worried, to "freak out." Sometimes I have- and then God has worked everything out in a way I could never have expected. I need to be more like the gentile woman- I need to have a little more faith, spend a little more energy in persistently asking God, and less energy worrying and fretting about what will happen. Let's (and I'm talking to myself) try and remember this. God can cause things to work out for our good, but we can save ourselves so much drama, so much agony, if we will just remember to trust- if we have a little more faith, we'd have a lot less fear.