Monday, 8 February 2016

Ladies Seminar in the village of Maumu

A few weeks ago I was blessed to be part of a ladies program in a nearby village, Maumu. Ladies from the Church of Christ from all over Cameroon came together for fun and fellowship.

This is one of the 2 villages we have helped minister in where we have to cross a river to get through. SO thankful for a good vehicle to do so.
And through some beautiful palm nut plantations we go.

I was given the topic "Being Soul Winners for Christ" and I thoroughly enjoyed preparing for and teaching the lesson. The lady next to me is translating my lesson into Pidgin. Jeremiah came on Sunday to teach the Lord's Supper devotion and he taught in Pidgin! :)
I enjoyed listening to the other ladies teach as well.

They had a session where some of the ladies taught the others how to make yogurt.

We partnered up to go out into the village for evangelism. Sister Mary was my partner. She went to school at OCC in the States where my great grandfather was a Bible teacher. It's a small world!
We had a Bible study with different people during the reach out session and the lady on the right, Deborah, was the only one that was interested in learning more about the Gospel. 

I took a pic of another group during the outreach session.

The food was delicious! Here I'm eating corn fufu and njamajama.
Eggs and pepper, mmmmmmmm!
We had evening group sessions as well.
I and several other ladies slept in the Church building.

Good morning, Sunshine!
We had early morning devotions by Sis. Mah Dinah.

It was a lovely ladies seminar in Maumu and I was so blessed to be part of it. I'm thankful for the many opportunities and strength God gives us to serve Him here in this beautiful and challenging country of Cameroon.