Thursday, 22 May 2014

Osebreh's Visit!

"Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

We were very blessed to have Jeremiah's sister, brother in law, and four kids visit us in Cameroon. Attah, Jessica, baby Gilead, Zion, Havilah, and Nile (back to front). Though their flight was delayed 3 days coming, we were glad that it was also delayed 3 days going back to Ghana. What a wonderful 3 weeks we had encouraging one another and getting ministry ideas from one another!
We took them to a few of the sites while they were here, as well as getting them involved in the ministry. This picture was taken in Limbe, about a 45 minute drive from Buea, at the Zoological Center where they rescue at risk gorillas and monkeys in Cameroon. 
It was pretty amazing how we made contacts while they were here. One lady from Ghana has relatives in Cameroon and sent a package with the Osebreh's to give them. We also met some Indians from Kerala where my other sister in law and family live and are missionaries. We are hoping that God will use these contacts to glorify him.
Attah was able to teach and encourage the Saints in the village of Ekona. The Saints really enjoyed his lesson.
The Osebreh kids were a big help passing out crayons and papers and did a good job asking the other kids Bible questions about the Bible story on Wednesday evening.
Cousin time! These 2 cuties had fun together and Gilead didn't seem to mind being laid on or squished by big cousin Carys. You can tell he has 3 older siblings. 
Friday Family Night! It was fun making pizza with all the kiddos and seeing their different personalities through their unique pizza making. 
Frederick brought a bunch of leaves they call "green" here for the Osebreh family to eat.
They got to try out some Cameroonian foods. Here they are eating Kwacoco Bible. It is grated coco yam, dry fish, red pepper, red oil, and salt all mixed up and put inside plantain leaves to boil. After about an hour you unwrap from the leaf and eat it. I was very impressed that the Osebreh kids ate everything that was offered during their stay. They are being trained up well!

The Osebreh's were able to meet people from several of the congregations we have been working with during a lectureship the Church of Christ had. Jeremiah preached about the importance of unity and about the problem of having a denominational mentality.

Jeremiah preaching about making disciples who also make disciples in the village of Maumu.
Sunday school with the kids in Maumu!
George leading the giving devotion in Maumu. Love the teamwork!
Attah led the devotion during a Youth Night we had while they were here.
The young people who came all had fun singing and playing games too!
Part of our ministry is being available for people who want to come and visit your home. We have several people throughout the week who come by the house and culturally I need to be prepared to serve them drinks and a snack. Here we had fun showing our red-faced lovebird to our guests.
Jessica led a few Bible studies with Kate while here and really encouraged her to study the Scriptures thoroughly rather that using a verse here and there. Since then Kate has started reading through the Bible chapter by chapter. Jessica also led a devotion in the ladies gym ministry and that led to getting a Bible study for me with a lady named Lydia. Jessica is one amazing lady who continues to boldly serve God wherever she may be.
We decided to take the Osebreh's to some of the beautiful mountains in Cameroon and I'm glad we did as we made great memories. I laugh thinking about it now. Kids vomited on the way and when we were there we hiked to this beautiful waterfall but it poured down cold rain the whole 1 1/2 hours hiking back. Jeremiah and Attah got really sick while Zion was recovering from being sick. Attah was taken to the hospital where he had to get shot in his bum. Kids vomited again on the drive back and when we got home we found out that one of our birds had died. However, we still consider our time together wonderful. We had several great talks about the ministry and the kids had so much fun playing, riding horses and reading their Bibles together. We thank God for blessing us by their visit and if we could do it all over again we definitely would!