Thursday, 2 February 2017

Challenges and Opportunities

Greetings ALL! Jeremiah here with a long-delayed blog post. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 2 months since we last updated you all on the work in Cameroon. As the title of this update says, we have experienced some challenges the last two months, while at the same time, God has and is providing opportunities in the midst of the challenges. I think of what Paul said in Romans 8:35-38, that in spite of the challenges we face, "in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. (NASB)." So, on to these challenges and opportunities, the first of which is that

As we mentioned in our last post, back in December, Cameroon has been facing some challenges as a nation. Disagreements between Anglophone Cameroonians and the Francophone government of Cameroon have continued since then, leading to some disruptions and difficulties. Lives have been lost, property destroyed, rights trampled. I cannot say much, or share many pictures, as the government has clamped down on reporting about the situation, except this screenshot, which was sent from the government. 

 In relation to this, we have not had internet since early January at our house in Buea, (I am writing this from a hotel in Douala, a city 2 hours away), as internet service has been shut down in the Anglophone regions of the country. While our school has been forced to remain closed and we miss our students, we are safe and our...

In spite of the strikes and shut downs, we do have opportunities for ministry. 

With no school, we were able to get a basketball court put in at school. We look forward to the kids being able to use this, whenever school resumes. Special thanks to the Davies and Fletchall families who helped make this possible. 

We have continued to visit, share, teach and preach in the Mile 16 church. Carys is good about making friends. 

We also continue to visit the nearby town of Ekona on Wednesday nights, and my dad, Jeff, has been teaching on the topic of the Holy Spirit for the last couple of weeks. 

We continue to have our home congregation meetings on Sunday nights, sharing with brethren. 

We had a cookout around the fireplace for those that come for Sunday evenings on New Year's day. 

We continue to have our gym ministry and people continue to come, workout, and hear the Word of God. 

Special programs still hold, though some have been cancelled. Brittney got to share at a ladies program recently. 

We continue to have personal Bible Studies, and our kids are working on their schoolwork at home. We are blessed to 

We continue to have visitors to the house, sharing with them and encouraging. Here are some of the brethren from Muea. 

We continue to travel, though some trips were cancelled. We are here in Douala right now, writing this update for you all! 

Ministry has thus continued, though at a different pace and with some necessary adjustments. We do appreciate all who pray for us and continue to do so. 


As you may have noticed in some o the pictures, we have some visitors! We were blessed the last months to have our family from Ghana, my sister Jessica and husband Attah, with their five kids, as well as my folks, Jeff and Sherrie, visit with us. It was really special to get to celebrate Christmas together with all of them. The Osebreh's were with us for three weeks, and we really enjoyed our time with them, and we are also blessed to still have my folks with us now. They have been a big help, even though school is closed. As things were quite a bit slower without school going on, we were able to enjoy some fun family times together. 

Due to school being closed, and thanks to having help here, we are planning to take a trip net week and head to India! We have been having some health issues (especially me) for some time, and medical care in India is much better than Cameroon and quite affordable. We also look forward to helping out my sister's family, the Thomas family, with their mission work in India for some week. We thank God that over half of the cost of the trip has already been donated and are praying that our visas will be approved quickly. It has been quite a while since we last visited the work in India... here's a picture from our last trip.

That's Hannah, by the way, not Carys. We are excited to take all of our kids now, for them to get a picture of the broader world and be a part of the work of God in Asia for a while. 

Well, we are going to head back to Buea this morning, so I need to go ahead and post this. If you need to get a hold of us, you can always call our phone (though they cut off phone service a couple of times during strikes). 00237674460414 is my number. Other than that, keep shining people and we will probably next update you from India!