Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Back Home!

Hey All!

So excited to be writing this update from home! Last Wednesday, I headed out from St. Louis Airport on a long but smooth trip, picking up all my bags reuniting with my family. I wanted to take a minute and share with you all about the last month and let you know how things have been going.

So one of the primary reasons that I made the trip to the USA was due to the health issues I have been experiencing over the past several months. I was able to see a number of doctors and get a number of tests done. The good news is that they were able to rule out many things. Nothing worrisome showed up, and actually, the erosion that had been evident and the h.pylori infection that I had when in India, both have cleared up. In addition, I was told I could resume a normal diet, only to avoid foods if I notice they bother me. The doctors weren't really able to explain why I am still having nausea, but knowing it appears to be nothing serious is comforting. Hopefully, as I continue to heal from the GERDs, it will subside. I have seen some improvement in the frequency and severity of it over the past few months.

Me feeling a little woozy after my endoscopy, ha ha. 

Opportunities to Preach
As I was in the United States, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit with and share at a couple of different places. 

It was great to get to see Brian and Jael (and Zeal and baby Berea). I enjoyed a wonderful birthday weekend (turning 32), with them, and had a chance to preach at the congregation in Illinois where Brian is a minister. We do indeed miss their help, but know they are making an impact for the Lord in the United States. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with saints in Warrensburg, MO, and to be able to preach as well as share about the mission work in Cameroon. They were a great encouragement to me and continue to help move the work in Cameroon forward. 

I also had the chance to preach in Fulton, MO, which was a tremendous blessing as well. 

Hannah had the opportunity to go with me to the States, as her grandparents bought her a ticket to come and spend a few months with them. I enjoyed spending some quality time with her, as she got to travel with me. She will be returning with Rhys and Sharon in some weeks, so we look forward to having them and her back. 

Meanwhile, on the Homefront
With me gone, our home assembly continued, with Abel, one of the disciples here, teaching lessons from the book of Titus. It was encouraging to hear reports of him doing a great job and of people being encouraged and continuing to be edified. 

Brittney kept busy while I was away, visiting various congregations as well as hosting visitors to the house. She also stayed busy with the gym program. 

Home Again- some good news and some challenging news.
It was good to get home, to see Brittney and the kids after being apart for a month. Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement during the past month. It is much appreciated. 

We shared last month about the need to find a volunteer teacher for this coming school year. We are excited to announce that our super volunteer from last year, Alima, will be returning for this school year. We also are so grateful for brethren in the US who have helped to sponsor her to come. This is a great answer to prayers! Thank you! 

We have been hit with some setbacks, of the financial nature, recently. I was not able to get insurance worked out in time for my trip to the States. International health insurance is not, unfortunately, ACA compliant (at least that we've been able to find), so all my medical expenses had to come out of pocket. The doctors I saw were very good about recognizing this, and avoided unnecessary testing and extraneous costs, but it was still quite expensive. 

Another major expense that we are unfortunately also looking at now is replacing our vehicle. In the past 3 months, we have had to change the brake discs and rotors, the shocks, ball joints, radiator, and yesterday, on our way back from the church's assembly, our land cruiser developed an issue where it will only work in 4 wheel drive. Trying to drive in normal mode results in a terrible racket and no movement. We suspect it may be the transfer case, but will find out tomorrow. Previous repairs have been quite expensive, and two of them, the radiator and now drive-train issue, would have left us stranded had they happened on the highway, which is really not something we would want to happen here in Cameroon. We had hoped to be able to hold off for another year or two, but it seems that our vehicle is reaching the end of its reliable life here in Cameroon, as repair issues seem to be snowballing. We honestly don't feel we can trust it, given the last 3 months. We will need to repair the present issue, sell it, and try and find a suitable replacement. Unfortunately, due to all the unforeseen medical costs of the last month, we have depleted much of our savings, so this comes at a really bad time for us financially. Please pray we can find the financial resources to be able to afford this major expense (we are thinking we will need to add around $10,000 to what we get from the sale of our vehicle- cars in Cameroon cost roughly 2-3 times what they would cost in the US), and that until that time, we can coax a little more time out of our present vehicle. 

Such is life and missions, full of a mixture of victories and challenges. Moving forwards means stuff sometimes breaks down. We continue to take one step forward in faith, and know that God will supply. Thanks for your prayers, continued encouragement and financial partnership. You are very much a part of this work! God bless! 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Travel Plans

Hey All!

We hope this update finds you all well and shining for Christ. Ministry in Cameroon continues to move forward: I continue to preach and teach on Wednesdays, Sunday Mornings and Evenings. Our gym ministry continues to move forward, with lots of men and women coming. We have opportunities to share in various programs (Brittney did a great job at a women's program last week), and personal Bible studies continue to move forward.

I (Jeremiah) have been facing some health challenges. For the past 9 months, I've been dealing with nearly constant nausea also having bouts of dry-heaving sometimes daily or every few days. I also have dealt with dizzy spells at times, and have generally not been well for a while. When we went to India in February, I did a battery of tests, and finally was diagnosed, after an endoscopy, with GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease. I have been on medication now for 4 months, have changed my diet and made a number of lifestyle changes, and while I do not have much heartburn any more, I am still having bouts of nausea and dizziness. It is not usually a big deal, but sometimes I do have to lay down.

Because of how long this has been going on, I will be going/coming to the United States next week, to spend a few weeks there and to try and get a second opinion and see if there is anything else I can do, or if there is another issue besides the GERD. I am also supposed to do an annual checkup for my eye condition, so I will be doing that as well. Hannah's grandparents offered to get her a ticket to come with me and spend some time with them. We are excited for her to have that opportunity.

Coming to the States does give us an opportunity to stock up on some things we can't get in Cameroon (or that are very expensive here), and also to visit with a few brethren. Since I am only going to be there for a few weeks, and don't know how much time I will need to spend for medical issues, I won't be able to travel very much and see many of you, but you probably would be more interested in seeing Brittney and the kids anyways. Ha ha.

We wanted to share with you 2 things. The first is a major need. The second is some minor wants. First the need:

Last year, we had 23 students in our school. While this isn't a large number, they were in 6 different grade levels and 3 different classrooms, plus the French/Cameroon Subjects class. We handled the work quite well as we had 7 wonderful staff. In the back row you see George, Alima, Rosette, Me, Brittney, Jael and Brian (Zeal didn't quite count as staff, He He).

Since then, George and Alima have returned to Ghana. Brian and Jael have returned to the United States. We are left with Me, Brittney and Rosette. While we are all capable teachers, the makeup and grouping of our students means we desperately need at least one more staff member for next school year. (We, and most other schools, are at this point assuming that school will start next year, though the teachers strike has not officially been called off. University students have resumed classes, and we doubt parents would be willing for their kids to sit out 2 academic years).

We have had a number of potential volunteers thinking about coming to Cameroon, but for various reasons, it does not look like they will able to be here, at least for a whole school year (September through May). Now, with less than 3 months to go till the next school year, we really don't know what to do. Brittney can manage the Learning to Read Center, and I can manage the older students, (though without a monitor, it will be quite difficult). However, our 6 (7 counting Carys) youngest students, those in Kindergarten, are without a teacher for next year.

Last year's kindergarten teacher, Alima, with her class. 

Please be praying about this. We really need someone who will be willing and able to come and help with school next year. We are already not planning to accept any new students next school year, but without a Kindergarten teacher, we may end up having to drop those students from the school. We, and those kids especially, would hate to have to do that. So please, be praying, and if you know of anyone who might be interested in helping fill this need, please let us know.

We would feed and house this teacher, and might even take him/her around a few of the sights of Cameroon. They could be part of the gym ministry, our home assembly, and the many other things we do here. We believe it would be a life-changing opportunity for the right person(s). You can email us ( or find Brittney or I on Facebook if you want to know more details.

So that's the major need. Now on to the minor wants. Many times, we have had people in the United States ask us if there were any things we would like for them to send in a care package. It is difficult though to send such packages as the shipping is extremely expensive and the postal service here is unreliable. Since I (Jeremiah) will be in the United States next month, we decided to put together a list of things we'd like, a "Christmas in July" wish list so to speak. To make things simple, we've put together the list on so that if anyone wants to get anything, they can see what we need/want and have it shipped directly to us.

Here is the link to the list: Hostetters In Cameroon 

You can ship stuff to P.O. Box 31, Fayette, MO 65248, or if they need a street address, 306 Frevert Drive, Fayette, MO, 65248.

These aren't major needs, but we know some might be interested in helping out with these things, and it would mean a lot to us. We'll keep the list up till July 25th, so that anything would have enough time to ship to Missouri, where I will be staying.

Well, thank you all for reading. We do GREATLY appreciate your prayers and continued support! God bless you all, and keep on shining!

In Christ,

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Spring update!

Hi all! It's been WAY too long since our last update. We are excited to share with you some of the ways God has used us to serve Him these past few months.
The Buea ladies had a seminar a little over a month ago which turned out well! I was thankful that I had the opportunity to share with the ladies about the importance of strengthening your physical and more important spiritual well being... and what happens when you neglect strengthening in both areas.

A heavy demonstration at the beginning of the lesson to capture the attention of the audience and let the lesson me memorable. 

Alima led a song in Twi (Ghana's dominating language) AND in Pidgin which she learned some while here.

Another encouraging lesson by one of the Cameroonian women was taught.
Something else that kept us busy was being involved with the students in the school whether it was by tutoring or celebrating birthdays.

Emmanuel turned 8 a few days ago..

And Daniella (in the red in the middle) turned 6.

Alima tutoring in one of the homes of the students. 

Jeremiah is such an amazing man keeping himself busy being productive for the Lord despite various challenges. He truly is spirit filled and spirit led.

Jeremiah was invited to a fashion show by one of the guys in the gym, he was even given 2 nice looking African shirts to wear.
Teaching, preaching, leading programs are a few of the things Jeremiah does best, glory be to God for strengthening him and giving him wisdom.

Travel in Cameroon
There are 2 goats hanging out on top of the bus that kept head butting each other, we were entertained.

Suzanne is a 30yr old lady that a brother in Douala wanted to help when no one else would. She had elephantiasis and wet gangrene on her foot. We thank God that she was able to get the surgery she needed and is healing quite well and is more healthy all around. We are thankful for the opportunity to play a small part in helping Suzanne. "Little drops of water make the mighty Ocean." Please pray for Suzanne as she continues to heal and more importantly for her spiritual health as the brother in Douala continues to reach out to her.

Alima was with us for 9 months helping the ministry in so many ways.
She encouraged all those she came in contact with. 

We had a little going away party with food and basketball involved.

She surely is missed but we look forward to seeing how God uses her to shine in Ghana.

Tis the season which brings rats...

And SNAKES!!! Still thankful for the rains which provides water for many people. 
We had a program inviting people to come and pray for the country and the unrest it is facing at the time. We also sang, played games, and enjoyed delicious food. 

Bible charades!
The kids had fun participating too.

Cameroon trivia was another fun game.
A buffet that all can enjoy!

We are thankful for the pingpong table that the Harris' left, it has been put to good use.

The Celestial Singers uplifted and edified us all with their amazing God-given voices. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Back in Buea!

Where to start?! We have been back in Cameroon for over 3 weeks now and things have been challenging but good. We were hoping that things would have settled down with the political situation when we got back from India, however, we need to keep praying as schools have been burned down and more. Through all that is going on we thank God that He has helped the ministry to keep moving forward.

Though schools have not started back up in the Anglophone zones we have been able to safely make home visits to tutor the students. I'm amazed at Jeremiah's God-given strength in all areas of his life. Despite some health issues and other obstacles he keeps pressing on.

Jeremiah, Rosette, Alima and I take turns making home visits. Here Rosette is teaching French.

Alima has been such a great help in the school and gym ministry, in the house, and has made lots of friends in Cameroon. While in Douala, Jeremiah bought her ticket back to Ghana and she is to return May 17th. We will miss her dearly! 

We have students from 3 different villages and several different areas in Buea. We have divided them up into 5 groups so they can be tutored several times a week. They are not to wear their uniforms or bring backpacks as to not appear like they are going to school, which they are not.

The gym ministry is BOOMING! Many shops and activities have slowed down but the gym continues to grow.

We usually have around 30 ladies during the evening gym session and more than that who are registered and come at other times. We will miss Alima leading Zumba after lifting and her sweet devotions on Thursdays.

2,000 cfa bills are the most common counterfeit money in Cameroon. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I was given one after buying goat the other day.

Home assemblies are going well and some of the guys are stepping up to lead.

Jeremiah teaching in the last chapter of Galations in the village of Bolafamba.

*A note on Jeremiah's health* In India he was diagnosed with H Pylori and GERDS. He has finished the meds he needed to take for the H Pylori but he continues to take meds for the GERDS and has drastically changed his diet. We are hoping he doesn't have to take the meds long term as it lowers your immune system and makes you more susceptible to typhoid which is common in Cameroon. He still has bouts of nausea in the mornings but we are still trying to learn ways to manage his symptoms.

Some kids like to play with their pets...

And some like to eat them. haha!

She isn't really eating her pet but she does enjoy a flavored snail on a stick.

On her own Hannah wanted to start having Bible studies with her class mate and neighbor Gaelle. I'm in awe of the lovely young lady is becoming.

Since being back from India I have enjoyed the many visitors that have come to the house to welcome us back.

The children have enjoyed it as well. :)

I'm thankful that after 3 weeks of no internet in Buea we were able to make a trip to Douala to update you.

Yes, that is a whole live cow in the back of that wagon!

Some other benefits of coming to the francophone city Douala for internet, is a little more shopping options and staying at a cheap guest house (usually only available if you reserve way in advance) which has a nice pool for the family to enjoy.

I'm eager to share with you more that is on my heart but some of it will have to wait until we are in person again, if the Lord wills. We hope and pray you all are doing well and are shining brightly in your corners of the world. We appreciate your continued prayers and support through our journey in Africa.