Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hostetter Happenings!

Hello all! Here is an update on the Happy Hostetter Happenings from the past month:

After being in the states for a few weeks, baby and I are much better. Baby is very active and I am feeling great. I am convinced it is due to the prayers of the Saints. What a great encouragement it is to know that your prayers very likely saved our baby's life and possibly even my own.
We also have had the kids get check ups and they are healthy and growing well. We've been to the dentist and will be going to the eye doctor as well. We are very thankful for the medical help that we've been able to get while here.

My parents are a HUGE source of encouragement to us and it has been fun being part of some of their activities. They are busy w/ full time jobs and have several Bible studies throughout the week. Some in group settings as in the picture above. Some w/ individuals in person, Skype, and telephone. Mom and Dad are very organized and have great team work and often cook for many. These are just a few ways they serve God by helping others. What a great example! You may ask how they have time and energy to do all they do. My answer...with the help of the Holy Spirit that dwells in them.

With baby coming our travels have been confined to MO so we have been blessed to spend extra time w/ Churches like the Fulton Church of Christ and Warrensburg Church of Christ. In the picture Debbie Clubb is teaching the Sunday school class for the younger kids. It almost feels strange for me to not be doing the Sunday school class but it was so much fun seeing Debbie teach the little kids and am thankful for the tips I picked up by watching her. The other teachers in Fulton are great too so if you are in the area I highly recommend you coming, whatever age you may be!
God has blessed Jeremiah with many opportunities to encourage others by teaching, preaching in 4 different congregations, singing, showing a power point of our work, attending men's breakfasts, etc...  I love seeing my husbands zeal for the Lord and hearing him teach truth from the Scriptures.

Since being here we have been able to do some extra visiting. My Aunt Debbie with my cousin Alicia and her daughter Emma came to visit me from Oklahoma. I am blessed with wonderful and caring Aunties! Thanks to all the others who have come to Fayette to visit me, too! 
It has been really nice going to other people homes too! The kids and I have been to several play dates. It's always fun to talk about child rearing in the way of the Lord and get ideas and encouragement from other Christian mommies. 

Our family has gone to many peoples homes for yummy meals (that's why I gained 15 pounds in 3 weeks. haha!). The ladies at Fulton had a baby shower for baby Hostetter that was really nice. A big THANKS to all those who have hosted us!

Date Night! This doesn't happen very often so we were especially thankful to my parents for watching the kids for us. We went for dinner at the same place Jeremiah and I had our first date...which was the same day we were engaged! Then we went to a movie. A lovely time indeed.

I have also been busy homeschooling Hannah and taking her and Jonathan to swimming lessons right here in Fayette. 
Jonathan wasn't too interested in learning the techniques of swimming at first but instead wanted to just play in the water. After a few times he is really liking the extra tips and attention.

Here are some extra things to thank God for and also pray for:

- Due to the generosity of the Saints ALL of our plane tickets were fully covered. THANK YOU!!! It's amazing to me because the funds people gave us designated for plane tickets added up to almost the exact amount we needed, praise God!
- Due to the abrupt leaving of Cameroon, a lot of loose ends were left. Jeremiah has been keeping in touch with those in Cameroon through e-mail and phone calls, trying to sort things out and also to stay in contact. Please pray for things in our absence. 
- After baby arrives we need to work on a passport and visa for our new addition. And assuming baby is OK and delivery goes well we would like to do a little bit of traveling. Due to time we will not be able to see everyone/go everywhere we would like to. Pray for us to have the wisdom to decide which places we should go and the strength to do so.
We know you've all been praying and we greatly appreciate it! Thanks for reading!