Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 Highlights!

Hey All! Wow! 2016 is here! This year has really passed quickly... there have been some great opportunities! Looking back over the year, there is so much to be thankful- here are ten things we are especially grateful for from 2015!

1- NEW COWORKERS! Brian and Jael Harris came to join us this year on the mission field, first in January for three months and then after a trip to the US to have their baby, they came back in October. They have been a tremendous help and it is a blessing to have them. 

2- Visitors and Volunteers: We were very blessed to have a number of visitors come in 2015. These included: 

The Hostetters from Ghana- My (Jeremiah's) Mom and Dad came for a few weeks. While we had some fun times with them, we also put them to work, such as hauling water during our outage or helping teach in school.

The kids always enjoy having "Grandpa" Paul Kee visit. His wisdom and insight into Cameroon and the church here, having spent almost 40 years doing missions in Cameroon are invaluable, so we always appreciate a chance to host him. 

Perla Martinez came for a few months this year as well and made friends and helped out in a number of capacities. We always love hosting visitors... maybe 2016 will see YOU come for a visit?!? (Hint!)

3- Trips and Travels: As well as having visitors, we got to do some visiting this year as well. 

Hannah and I got to take a trip to France this February. We meet Brother Mark Woodward and I was able to learn about the Let's Start Talking Program. 
Roger and I have been able to use this program to improve his English and at the same time study the Word of God. 

While in France, Hannah got to see snow for the first time! It was a wonderful time for daddy and daughter to spend together. 
Jonathan and I also got to travel together... we went to Yaounde (the capital) to get his new passport. It was a fun time together, travelling there by train, and bonding, despite getting robbed. 

Lot's of trips! We were also blessed to be able to go to Ghana this year for the preaching camp and to be able to spend time with family from Ghana and India for Christmas. We hadn't seen some of them for 3 years, so it was a sweet reunion.

4- A New Vehicle!:One of the many ways that God and His people have wonderfully provided for us is our new Toyota Prado! It has been an amazing vehicle, rugged and reliable, able to haul people all over the country safely. Our old vehicle had developed issues and was becoming unreliable, draining our time and resources. What a blessing this has been. Thank you all for your enormous generosity in this and so many other ways!

Our car has been reliable... there was that one time we had problems with our car, but it turned out that a mechanic had stolen our battery and swapped it for a bad one. 

5- Programs all over Cameroon- A good car enables us to travel around and help out with special programs... whether it is a womens' seminar in the village or a homeschooling co-op in Bamenda. 


6- School Growth! Speaking of Homeschool, it has been exciting to see our school grow from 6 to 16 students, to see the growth in those students, and how God can use it to build character in children. Thanks for helping make this possible through your generosity and support! 

Parents-Teachers meeting to discuss the 2015-2016 School Year. 

7- Our Kids: We are incredibly thankful for our precious kids who are amazing missionary kids! They are already a big help in the Lord's work in Cameroon and we know they will grow in service as they grow up. Carys turned 2, Jonathan 5, and Hannah 8 this year! 

8- God's Protection: Whether it was thieves, cobras, diseases and health issues, dealing with paperwork, water shortages, and more, we thank God for His protection in 2015. He sustains us and keeps us and for this we are grateful. He has taken us through 

We killed 7 of these black cobras in our backyard. 
Back home safely after my eye surgery in the United States. 

9- "Children" in the Lord! We are grateful that God brings us into peoples' lives so that we might help bring them into His Life. It has been exciting to see some baptized into Christ, and also to see our Sunday evening assemblies growing. We pray God continues to open up more doors in 2016! 

10- So Much More! Making this list is difficult, as 2015 has seen so many things for which we are grateful. There have been challenges, but also many many opportunities to connect with people, build relationships, show love and concern, teach and preach and more and more... we could go on and on, but are just saying thank you to our great God and to all of you who helped make all of this possible! 
Many many opportunities to build relationships.

Many many opportunities to teach and preach. 

Many many opportunities to teach and reach kids- like in VBS!

Many chances to build friendships that turn into "faithships."

Many many other opportunities that God has opened up, such as teaching 100s of teachers all around Buea about reading.
Many many opportunities through our Gym Ministry. This continues to be a great way to meet people, build relationships and get Bible studies and teach the word. 

Many many opportunities to speak the Word, travelling to the village to preach at times. 

This mountain (2015) has been climbed. We are excited for all that God has before us this year! Thanks for being a part of the work in Cameroon and for your prayers and support to get us through and over many obstacles. God bless you all and we look forward to seeing you this year!