Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Here's Baby Carys

Two months ago, we shared with you a situation we were facing. Brittney was having strong, painful contractions which indicated she could start labor much too early. Two months ahead of the due date would have likely meant death for our child and so we made an appeal for assistance and prayers, that we would come to the United States and seek treatment and have our third child. You all prayed, you shared with us generously, and God responded. Not only did the contractions stop within a few days of being in the United States, Brittney ended up carrying this baby longer than either Hannah or Jonathan. Then, on Friday, the 2nd of August... it happened! 

We went to the hospital with Brittney having had minor regular contractions through the night. Wow, how nice is that place! It smelled and looked clean and fresh, had air-conditioning, medical equipment, and a comfortable bed... all things we'd never experienced before with a birth. 

Another thing that was amazing was the friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness of the staff, especially our nurse, Jenny. She was tremendously helpful and a huge blessing. She had over 13 years of experience, and this was really an answer to prayers, as it turned out that she and another nurse had to deliver the baby! 

That's right... we paged our doctor to come when the contractions had become very painful and Brittney had dilated to 6 cm, but before he could get to the hospital, Brittney felt the need to push. The nurses ran into the room and after about 10 good pushes, here was the baby! Brittney did great, and our baby came out very healthy. What a joy to meet her after so many months of prayers!

This was my third time to welcome a child into the world, and I couldn't be happier. Little Hostetter was very healthy and absolutely perfect, a testament to the power of prayer. She had a 9 out of 10 Apgar score, weighed 7.6 pounds and was 20.6 inches long. 

Brittney's mom, Sharon Thomas, was there with us for the delivery and a tremendous help. This was the first time she'd been able to be there and was able to cut the cord for us. We were also blessed to have friends, Emily and Katie, help babysit Hannah and Jonathan during the labor and delivery. 
Warming up before a bath, little baby Hostetter was alert and attentive. The delivery was so fast and easy that she suffered very little bruising or compression. 

Perfect little feet... it is truly amazing the way God forms us in our mothers womb, that from a microscopic mix of cells and DNA, we come out so beautiful. It is a wonder. 

Bath Time! Baby's first bath was given by Nurse Jennifer. While she didn't care for the actual bath, it was fun to see her calm down and really enjoy having her hair washed, though she doesn't have much. 

Big brother and big sister meet the newest addition! Hannah and Jonathan were super excited about the new baby! Hannah has held her every chance she's had, and Jonathan is fascinated by all the things that baby does! They are great kids and great siblings!

Baby Hostetter's name is Carys Faith Hostetter. Carys is a Welsh name which means "love." We gave her a Welsh name because Brittney's dad, Rhys is of Welsh descent. Her middle name is Faith because, being a preacher, Rhys teaches about Faith more than anything else. 

Carys has quickly determined that she'd much rather be snuggled when she sleeps than to sleep all alone. We don't mind too much, except when it means that we only sleep in 90 minute chunks, he he. 

In a moment that to me illustrated how different things are in the United States than with our other two births in Africa, a nice lady came around the hospital and offered to take pictures of Baby Carys for us. She was very good and Carys was very cute!

For Carys' little cousins who questioned whether she really was a girl, because she doesn't have long hair... well there's a bow to prove it! Carys was born on August 2, and so is the third, third-born cousin born on the 2nd of August. One day that's going to make for an awesome birthday party! 

Join us in saying a prayer of thanks for Jennifer. She was really fantastic and you could tell she cared for Carys. 

Finally home! Just over 24 hours after she was born, Carys and Brittney were discharged from the hospital, bundled into the car, and headed home. It is amazing how smoothly everything went. 2 months ago, we were afraid we'd lose this precious one, and now here she is! Thank you all and thank God! 

First Bible Time! From here on out, it is our mission to bring up this precious gift in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, teaching her God's Word and how much she is loved. 

That's it folks, how our newest member of the family made her grand entrance. We want to once again say a huge THANK YOU! for all the prayers throughout the pregnancy and the trials that we faced. We want to say thank you also for the financial assistance which helped make this possible, bringing us to the United States when things were looking bad. We also want to say a huge thank you to our God, who formed this child and who loves Carys even more than we do. We know He will answer our prayers to bring about the best in her life and to help us train her up to be a powerful part of His kingdom!