Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back in the Saddle!

Goodbye Ghana! We board our flight for Cameroon. 

Wow, it is hard to believe that we've now been back in Cameroon for 3 weeks! Things have been so busy and our time so full, it is hard to believe that it is not even a month ago. Getting back to Cameroon was good... Hannah cheered upon landing. It wasn't long before we were back in the swing of things. What we've been up to in this time:

-Our gym ministry has been up and running. Jeremiah's guys and Brittney's gals were excited to see us back. Jeremiah has been having his weekly Bible studies through the book of John with his guys. There were six of the guys who stayed this Wednesday and a very good discussion on the issue of original sin and whether babies are guilty or innocent. Many of the guys come from a background that teaches infant's must be baptized or face hell, and so it has been a great discussion. They've decided that they would like to climb Mount Cameroon early next month too... exciting to have a chance to spend more time with them, though a little intimidated as we will go up and come down within 18 hours!
Hannah sings for a special program at one of the churches here.

-We've gotten back to teaching and helping in local schools. Jeremiah has resumed his remedial English teaching, as well as teaching weekly chapel services on the Character of Christ. Brittney has been back at "Afro-American International Bi-lingual School." (Boy, imagine having to spell that as a 1st grader.) Hannah has been participating in their preparations for the National Youths Day, and took part in a marching, singing, dancing and cultural competition. Her group took second in one of the events.

                     Hannah singing a song about stamping out corruption. She really gets into things.
Preaching at the "Washing Point" Church of Christ in Limbe near Buea. I preached the sermon I shared at Ghana Family Camp about who we are in Christ. 
-Jeremiah has been able to preach and teach again. This month he is preaching and teaching on Sundays in the village of Maumu, will be teaching Bible studies on Tuesdays at Bolifamba, and Wednesday night Bible studies through the book of Titus at the Buea Town church. We have also had our interactions with the Takem's family. They had some real marital difficulties while we were away. We were able to do some counselling and comforting, advising and aiding to help them resolve some of their difficulties. Pray for us as we continue to work with them. What they need more than anything is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will have receptive hearts and ears to hear this.
Brittney also went for a ladies retreat in one of the villages near Buea. She spent the night and also got a chance to teach a lesson to the 100+ ladies that came from various parts of the country.

-Our rent on our apartment expires at the end of February. One thing that we had to do upon our return was to find a house. We were hoping for something with a yard for our kids, which would have good security, in a good location and at a reasonable price. We were able to get all those things. The landlady of the new house has proven very friendly, and is undertaking renovations worth more than a year's worth of rent. Speaking of which, we have had some financial straits as a result of this, as we had to pay a year's worth of rent in advance (standard practice here) a few weeks in advance. Our monthly support has been very generous, but there always seems to be some big expense coming around the corner, and so it has been pretty tight.

-In addition to prayers for us when we move, please also pray for us to find a new gym location next month. Our rent on our gym expires (a years advance) at the end of March, and we would like to find a building closer to our new house that is also cheaper. We know God will continue to supply the seed we need for sowing, and will provide both a place and the money to move.

-Another prayer request- Jonathan got his thumb smashed in the door of our car yesterday. The doctor initially thought it was broken. We asked for prayers- then we went and got an X-ray this morning. No broken bones! Thanks for praying, and continue to pray for him, as he has severe bruising and possibly some soft-tissue damage. Your prayers make a difference- a HUGE difference, so keep them up, like Aaron and Hur lifted up Moses' arms when he grew tired, your prayers lift us up in times of trials and difficulties.

-Tomorrow, Brittney's Aunt Debbie and two friends, Brandy and Cristina, will be coming for a two week visit! We look forward to them being able to see and participate in our ministry here, and know that they will be a big help to us. Pray for them as they experience a new culture and country, that they will be blessed in their spirits, encouraged, and inspired to share with others about God's work here in Cameroon when they return to the United States. Just a note- none of them have ever traveled to Africa- if they can do it, so can you!

Well, those are a few things we've been up to since we got back! Hope you are encouraged and will also be inspired to service for our King Jesus!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dealing with Dicey Discussions-

Brethren, here is an article that I wrote in response to a request from a brother who is a missionary. I had quite a bit of interest in the article from fellow saints all around and so have decided to share it here on our blog. We hope that you find it interesting.