Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011, a Retrospectus

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and now the year is at an end. What a year it has been! It's been a year of joys, sorrows, battles and victories. We are so glad to have been able to share with you this year, through this blog, through our newsletters (if you don't get those, I'll plug them right here- get them!) through our website ( and especially through personally visiting with many of you! What a blessing it has been. There are many great things to reflect on from the past year... which would take a very long blog post to cover. You can re-read our old newsletters (you can see them on our website here- (!102&parid=root) or read our old blog posts. Suffice to say, God has been very good to us this year, and we have seen amazing things happen, things which I think could carry the name of miracles.

Now, you might think of miracles as raising the dead, giving sight to the blind, opening peoples ears, etc... and yes, those are miracles, which is why I think that miracles have happened this past year. Have I seen people raised from the dead, receive sight or have their hearing restored. No, but we walk by faith not by sight, we know that the things which are seen are temporal, and the things which are not seen are eternal. We recognize that the spiritual is of more importance and more permanence than the physical. SO, we've seen the dead raised, as people have been buried with Christ in baptism and raised to newness of life. We've seen the blind receive sight, as the eyes of their heart have been enlightened. We've seen the deaf hear the truth of the gospel. This has been a miraculous year in that sense. What about you? I encourage you to take some time to look back on the past year, and see the miracles that God has worked, spiritually, in your life. I think as we do this, as we remember how God has answered prayers, how He has opened doors, how He has supplied needs, how He has protected and guided us, and done so much in our lives, I think it will build our faith, to see that God keeps His promises. It should also build our faith for the coming year, to know that if God could use the faith that we had this past year to accomplish what He did, how much more could God do if our faith would grow and strengthen this year?  Brethren, I'm excited about this upcoming year, as I think about what my great God can accomplish this year, if I only trust Him and act on His promises!

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to all those who've been a part of God's answered prayers, who have made a difference through their faith, and who have thus changed the course of history. You are helping make miracles happen.

Tomorrow- plans/goals/resolutions for the New Year, and some thoughts on how to get them done! God bless you all

Friday, 9 December 2011

Video of Buea Cameroon

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with you all a video I saw on Youtube about Buea. It is NOT my film, I did not make it (don't want to take credit that isn't due), you can find the credits at Youtube. Still, it is a nice look at parts of the town (mainly the market) and I think you might enjoy it!

Monday, 21 November 2011

So Many Blessings- Brittney's Thoughts on Stateside 2011

What a journey it has been, traveling all around the states! We praise God for safe travels and encouraging visits.  It has been wonderful to get to spend time with many of you and uplift one another in the Lord. We are so excited that so many people are interested in the work we have been doing in Ghana and our starting of a new work in Cameroon. It is also encouraging to see the wonderful things that are happening in the states. Keep up the great work!
            We arrived in Missouri  August 12th, stayed in Fayette for a week, took off to circle the U.S. of A., and came back to Missouri in November. During our first 3 months we went from MO to OKC, OK to Albuquerque, NM to Ruidoso, NM to Keenesburg, CO to Belgrade/Bozeman, MT to Greely, CO back to OKC, OK to Morris, OK to NC to Washington DC to MD to PA to NYC, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY to VA to IN to Chicago, IL to Carbondale, IL back to MO. We slept on 18 different beds, covered over 11,000 miles, spent $1,248 in gas and $59.35 in toll fees. We stayed in 3 hotels, changed 4 tires on the car, and ate at a lot of fast food restaurants (and gained 9 pounds!). But it was time, money, and energy well spent. We are also thankful for our kids being such good traveling troopers.
In a nut shell, we have been blessed to be part of family camps, several personal and group Bible studies, youth programs, prayer groups, help in Christian schools, show several churches and various groups our presentation, speak at public schools about cultural differences,  go to the Cameroon Embassy in DC, help at a food pantry, visit family, and spend time with many Saints. Jeremiah also has been privileged to preach several times. We thank you all for giving us the opportunity to serve while we were with you. Thank you also for “stimulating us to love and good deeds.”

            We still have one more out-of-state trip to make. We will be speaking at Putnam City Church of Christ in Oklahoma on December 4th. We also have several different speaking dates and activities left in Missouri. If you would like for us to speak where you are or be part of an outreach program in your community please let us know. I thought being in the states for 5 months before our big move would be a long time but now I am realizing that time is going by fast and our schedule has been pleasantly busy.
             Many people have asked us if we have been able to raise support. We are thankful that we have been given several one-time donations which should be enough for the basics for settling in Cameroon. However, we are still hoping to raise enough money to get our first mission vehicle as a married couple. So far, one Church of Christ said they would start supporting us once we got to Cameroon and another lady has started supporting us monthly. (Praise God!) We are only $600 a month under our monthly goal. If you are interested in supporting us let us know and we will send you a copy of our financial statement and needs.

              Thanks again for all you do for the Kingdom worldwide!  “Keep pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call in Christ Jesus.”

Serving the King of Kings,
Jeremiah, Brittney, Hannah, and Jonathan Hostetter

A Few Pictures for You All!

Jeremiah Teaching A Kids’ Class at Pennsylvania Family Camp

Princes and Princesses of King Jesus! Kids at PA Family Camp

Sharing about Ghana at Abingdon Middle School, where Bryson, Hannah’s Cousin, is a student.

 A Group of Spiritual Warriors: Brothers-in-law Attah, Binoy and Jeremiah in the NYC Subway. 

Here comes Mr. Llama! Fun times at a Safari Park.  

Monday, 31 October 2011

Every day a holiday

Today is Halloween, which is the second most celebrated holiday in the United States. I know there are divergent opinions on Halloween, a holiday which comes from 1- a Celtic celebration of the end of summer, and 2- All Saints' Day, which was a celebration of dead Christians. Many Christians oppose it, many use it as an opportunity for outreach. Whichever your stance, (hopefully you believe enough in Christian liberty to not make too big of a deal about other's opinions) I think we can take some spiritual thoughts from it and can use it for some spiritual influence. How?

A- Recognizing that every day is a "holiday" for the Christian, or a holy day rather. We are 24/7 worshiping God, our spirits in His presence. This should impact our day-to-day lives, as much as Halloween alters the lives of those around us. 
B- "All Saints' Day" is kind of a concept for us to think about. Who are the saints? We are! We have been called Saints, the Called Out. Let this be a reminder to us to be God's people every day. This evening, we will be helping out with a friends' church's outreach program, to shine light on a night that can sometimes be dark. Our costumes? The Light of the World. 

God bless y'all, and feel free to comment. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Travellin' Troop

Hey All,

Writing this short post from Virginia, where we are enjoying visiting family. Just wanted to share this map of our travels this furlough. These states that we've visited and/or driven through or will visit before we leave. Those marked with a black dot are where we've already been and may be again. Those with a grey dot are places we are planning to go. Just wanted to praise God, as we've really been having an awesome trip. People's encouragement, prayers, interest, generosity and hospitality never cease to amaze and awe. We will post pictures and more when ever our travels are over, but please keep us in your prayers as we continue our travels. Also, if you see that we are passing, or even have passed through your state and want us to stop and visit, let us know! Or maybe, add your state to the list! God bless and keep you all.

The Hostetters.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On the Road in the US of A!

Hey all! This is just a quick update to let you all know of our travels here in the United States. We’ve travelled about 7,000 miles since arriving here a month and a half ago, and been tremendously encouraged to see many of you! We’ve been able to speak so many times, from Church meetings, to college classes, to small groups and even to tea parties… actual tea parties, not the political thing. J

Here a few pictures of a few of the things we’ve done so far. We hope you enjoy and are encouraged by this. We also want to say a big thank you to all those who have hosted us and helped us and provided for us. We couldn’t have done those 7,000 miles and wouldn’t be able to do the next 7 or 10,000 without everyone’s generosity and encouragement. Finally, before I get to the pictures, just want to again say that if you would like us to visit and share with you about our work in Ghana that we’ve been doing and about our plans to start a new ministry in Cameroon this January, please let us know. We are always looking for opportunities to visit and encourage! God bless!

Brittney and her Aunt Debbie at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Debbie and her husband Kerry were our hosts in Oklahoma City. We were truly blessed by our time there, visiting with Brittney’s family and also with the saints there. The Northwest Church of Christ was, as always, a huge encouragement to us.

Hannah and Jonathan with their cousins Matthew and Merriel in Albuquerque, NM. We really enjoyed our time with them and their parents Pat and Becky, who is another of Brittney’s aunts.

 Fun times in Ruidoso, NM. We were blessed to be able to share with the church there, and were treated to some fun times by some of the saints out there, including a great Western show at the Flying J Ranch.
Welcome to Montana! We had a great time with family and friends, encouraging and being encouraged.

From Left, Brittney’s aunt Brenda, Brittney, Hannah, Emily and Audrey Fletchall, Sharon Thomas, Macey Fletchal, and Stacey McCutcheon in Yellowstone National Park. They came out, along with Emily, Sharon and Stacey’s  husbands, to the Montana Family Camp. It was so encouraging to be there and to have them there as well.

Hannah and her grandpa Rhys at the Montana Family Camp.
Helping with the panel discussion on family and child-rearing at the Montana Family Camp.
The Hostetter’s travelling road show! J Back in Oklahoma City, after a second uplifting visit in Colorado, where we shared with the Forest Hill saints.

Jeremiah the Professor. J Sharing with one of Brittney’s cousin’s, Skye, classes at Oklahoma Christian University.

Broyles’ Family Reunion. We had such a wonderful time with my mom’s family and extended family.

Well, that’s all the pictures  we have for now. There are many more we could share, and many, many more things we wish we had pictures of, because brethren, we have really been blessed, in Fulton, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque and Ruidoso New Mexico, Colorado,  Montana, Guthrie and Morris Oklahoma, and North Carolina. We have so many thanks to say, and hope you all know that we dearly appreciated our time and the ways in which you have all been a blessing to us. We look forward to seeing many more of you and pray that we can also continue to bring encouragement to you as well, as we journey to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and more! God bless you all!

In Christ,

The Travellin’ Hostetters J

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Video Introduction to Cameroon

Hey all, wanted to share with you all this video I found on Youtube, which is kind of nice overview of Cameroon which I thought you would enjoy. So... here it is.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Konkomba to Bolgatonga and Back!

Greetings all! I just got back from a big trip to the North of Ghana, and wanted to share some pictures with you. I took the trip since we'll be leaving Ghana, and I don't know when, or even if, I will ever be able to visit the Brethren in these places again. It was a really encouraging trip, both for me and for those I visited. I went to the part of the country where the Konkomba's live and stayed there for two nights, then continued on to Bolgatonga, in the far north of the country to speak at their first Awards Night for the Bolgatonga Christian Academy and then stayed the night there to assemble with them on the Lord's Day, before returning to Kumasi. Here are a few pictures. You can see many more at this link:
On the boat to cross Lake Volta to get to Konkomba.

Our rather rickety ride. Jacob (on far right) went with me.

Konkomba fishermen.

There are tons of kids up there! One of the preachers I visited has 7 kids, the other has 6.

As I said, BIG Families... one of the brethren with his wife (left) and mom and kids, nephews and nieces etc...

Basic healthcare is lacking up there... some of the brethren have learnt to clean wounds though, and this is a big help.

Most of the people up there are farmers. Jacob and I went to Daniel's (one of the preachers) farm and helped weed.

Speaking in Konkomba, Isaac, Daniel's son, translating. He learnt English at BCA.

Sunset scene at one of the rivers.

Jacob and I rode this from Sabonjida to Salaga, about an hour. It had only one brake, leaked oil, and bald tires... :)

Speaking about the Uniqueness of ACE schools for the Awards night: Goal Cards is something I really appreciate.

Audience and students at the Awards night- Rashida just finished saying her memory work.

Tiberius got the award for best attitude. Cool kid.

"The normal human response is Eye-for-Eye, Blow-for-Blow." Teaching about forgiveness at the Bolgatonga Assembly.

The Bolgatonga Assembly.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Birthday Fun

So, today is my (Jeremiah's) birthday, and my wife did something really fun for me... she put together a pool party for me! Yeah, it was tons of fun... we invited the folks from the Assembly here at Bomso, and all had a great time, enjoying the water, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and just having fun with fellow saints. Big thanks to my wonderful wife, she organized everything, and I must say, I'm having a great birthday!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Field Day 2011!

The last Saturday of the School Year, Bomso Christian Academy had its annual Field Day. It was so much fun for the kids. We went to the Botanical Gardens at KNUST and ran around, had a staff hunt, played capture the flag, soccer, and more. Living in Kumasi, a city of approx. 1.5 million people, there aren't many places where the kids can really run around on the grass.