Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Few Photos!

 Greetings All! Here's a little photo update of various goings-on of your friendly neighborhood Cameroonian missionaries! :D We hope you enjoy the pictures and will continue to pray for us.
Dinner with friends. Mary Forju is a good friend and sister in Christ, so it was a joy to get to meet her daughter, nephew and son-in-law. Mary's family live or have lived in the US for extended periods of time.  
Working on our school classroom! Brother Tambe from Mile 16, who is a mason, has been helping us enclose our garage to transform it into a classroom. 
Special donations from some brethren in the States have made it possible for us to start this work. There is still much to do, so if you would like to get involved, please let us know. 
We tore the rotten ceiling down and are now working on replacing it. The window bars are up, and hopefully the door soon. We still need to get glass windows, painting and so forth.
Rainy season is rolling in, and with it even higher than usual humidity, fog, dampness, and thus mold. We have put light bulbs in all our closets to help stave off the mold. Franklin is a good electrician with an interest in spiritual discussions. Without these lights, all our papers and clothes would rot.  
We constantly have guests and visitors over- the Takem kids came over recently for a day of play. 
Take time for family! It's easy to get so absorbed in ministry that you forget your number one ministry- your family! We enjoy eating breakfast together and reading Psalms, Proverbs and a chapter from the Gospels. 
Kate, who helps out around the house, is tremendous. Her attitude and hard-work are excellent. We are happy to also help her family out. Brittney taught one of her daughters, Mary, how to make a cake recently. 
We gave the cake to a sister in the Church for her daughter's birthday.
Who is learning to walk? ME! Carys has been taking her first steps!
Holiday classes have started! Our first Cameroonian student, Nyallum has started coming for part-time classes during the summer break. She will be joining Jonathan for kindergarten in September. 

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  1. God bless in your ministry. So many you bring with your hospitality and warm welcomes!