Monday, 17 February 2014

Youth Night!

Since our time in Ghana, something that has always brought us great joy has been to work with young people. They really are the future of the Lord's church and are the hope of tomorrow. One of the things that we liked about the new house we've entered is the larger living room. Last Sunday, we put it to good use, with about twenty-five young people coming out for an evening of singing, prayers, Bible study and fun. 

I taught some new songs, putting the words up on our living room TV. The young people really enjoyed learning the new songs... they love to sing here. 

We had some snacks- koolaid, chips and crackers and tuna salad. Everyone really enjoyed the food, both physical and spiritual. 

Our living room is about twice as big as our old living room... the better to fit MORE young people. 

I taught about purpose... to illustrate, I blindfolded one of the guys and asked him to throw a ball of paper at a target that was moving. Of course he didn't hit it- the point: if we don't have a clear idea of our purpose on earth, we can never succeed in achieving it. We must have our eyes fixed on our goal. 

Jonathan helping daddy teach, he he. 

Andy, one of the promising young men in the church of Christ here. He's a big encouragement. 

After lessons, we had a game time. "Do you love your neighbor?" is a fun game that had people smiling. 

Todd, one of our neighbors and a gym member as well, and some of the young ladies, having a great time watching the game. When the question "Do you love your neighbor?" is posed, the person asked must respond with either "No" and their neighbors must switch seats, or "Yes, but..." and then say "but I don't like it when people wear red," or something like this... at which point everyone wearing red must find a new seat. It was a blast, as was all of our youth night. We thank God for the facilities and opportunity to reach out and encourage these young folks. 

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  1. Keep up the good work! We love and miss you all!