Saturday, 1 February 2014

Muea near Buea

Going around to different villages teaching, preaching, and helping those who are in need is a big part of our ministry. We usually rotate a different congregation each month to teach and preach and share. Muea is one of the villages near Buea that God has opened up a door for us to minister in. We are so thankful for the opportunities He has given us and the team work we've had to get things done.

This month Jeremiah taught through parts of Ephesians. Here he is speaking about walking in a manner worthy of God's calling taken from Ephesians 4. He offered to pay $20 if someone would cut their pinkie off--- a week's salary in Cameroon. No one took him up on the offer. The point- every part of our body is precious to us... what about the body of Christ? Which part would we cut off?
George has done a good job leading the Giving  and Lord's Supper devotions even though he is often asked on the spot. Thankfully, Jeremiah gave him a heads up that this might happen. 
I LOVE teaching the Children's Sunday School class! Each time more and more children come so that "The room don flop for small pikin weh" or "The room overflows with little children." This month I taught the children the OT books of the Bible as well as different Bible stories. Those that could sing all the Old Testament books by the end of the month got a special treat.
This is Ashley, from Muea. As you can see she needs reconstructive surgery on her arm and neck. Many Cameroonians cook outside on a wooden fire. Ashley was outside running around playing with other children when her arm fell into a pot of boiling water. We will write more about Ashley once we find out more information about what exactly needs to be done to help her. Few hospitals have the capability of treating her- please pray we can find the right people to help this little girl be able to use her arm again and for us to be able to show the love of God to her and her family. 

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