Monday, 10 February 2014

A New Beginning (Cameroon Verses Ghana)

Hello, it is me, George Owusu again. After sharing about my long journey from Ghana, West Africa to Cameroon in Central Africa, I am about to share with you my amazing experiences and the change of culture that I've been able to see, by the grace of God. Before I ever stepped out of my comfort zone, I had the notion that every African country is typically the same or identical. But wait , this was just a long held idea I have had. It is true that most of the various cultures and ways of life may be the same in some ways but many things may vary such as foods, topography, language, fashion, various occupations, music and education and culture as a whole.

The first difference I've noticed here are the languages spoken in Cameroon both the tribal and official languages.Truly, Cameroon is extensively diverse compared to Ghana in terms of languages and the number of tribes. Statistically, there are over 200 tribal languages in Cameroon as compared to about 50 tribal languages in Ghana. In Cameroon, there are two official languages, French and English with French dominating. In addition, there is also Pidgin English spoke. What encourages me to learn other languages is that the average person you meet can speaks about four languages.
This is what the weather in Buea looks like.
Transport in Cameroon is very interesting and different. These taxis take six passengers including the driver. I was very surprised the first time I saw that.

In some parts of the country, it is common for houses to be made out of wood. It is called a "carraboat" house. This is very common around the mountain.
Another difference from Ghana is that Cameroon has a lot of very fertile soil which allows them to do a lot of farming. This is a farm behind someones house.
One of the shocking things I have seen in Cameroon which is different from what you will see in Ghana is the graves in people's houses.  This is practiced due to some sentimental reasons.There are a lot of houses that have a grave in the yard, something you would never see in Ghana. 


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