Sunday, 16 March 2014

North West Cameroon- Visiting with the Kee's

Hello all! It's been a very busy but GREAT past month. There is so much that I want to blog about. I will start by telling you about the first part of our trip in the North West part of Cameroon. Paul and Janet Kee are Church of Christ missionaries in an area called Kumbo. They have been in Cameroon for over 30 years. It was really neat getting to see their work and how God is using them in Cameroon.

Here is Bro. Paul's office where he and his team keeps Bible study materials in English, Pidgin and the local language, Lamnso.
Mrs. Kee was a wonderful hostess and spoiled us with all kinds of yummy food!

There are more Muslims in the NW. Behind the kids is a mosque.

Bro. Paul took us around his neighborhood and showed us some interesting places. Behind me is a warriors society where the people come together and practice for going to war if needed. 

Cameroonian women young and old are beautiful.

This is outside the Chief's (called a Fon) palace. This statue is to represent the Nso people's ancestral mother.

Getting ready to go inside the palace grounds. Bro. Paul is a Fie, a type of traditional leader, among the people in his area. He grew up in Cameroon and knows the people very well. He is also very Cameroonian. It was so encouraging to see his interaction with the locals. It reminds me of Jeremiah when he's with his fellow Ghanaians.

This is where the chief comes out to see you.

Some kind of bone left over from making sacrifices.

One of the secret societies houses, which guards the Juju (witchcraft) We are glad the Gospel is being spread throughout the country.
A Juju man. They say when his face is covered there is just an evil spirit behind the mask and it is not responsible and has no control over beating you. The Kees are strong in faith and have no fear over such things.

When Juju is being practiced in Buea they give us a curfew and tell people not to go out during the ceremonies. In Kumbo they practiced Juju day and night freely and with no shame.

One of the secret society buildings.

Brother Paul helps with a Bible School and here he gave Jeremiah an opportunity to share Scripture.

The Kee's have many aspects of their ministry such as teaching to help community development and opening a literacy center.
Brother Paul goes to the village each weekend to teach, preach and do Church planting. Jeremiah and the kids went along with him this time. Jeremiah had some Bible studies and also took the kids to play in the river.

Hannah and Jonathan had fun playing with the kids in the village. 

One of the meals they ate. Beans, yam and some kind of bread ball.

One of the bridges they crossed in the village.

A group of people burnt the house down of one of the village women. We were told it was because she is very contentious. Thank God, no one was hurt.

Jeremiah was blessed with the opportunity to preach at one of the Churches of Christ in Kumbo.

It was a lot of fun seeing Sister Janet teach the kids Sunday School class in Pidgin. She is great with the kids, Janet also has an eye glass ministry she runs. It was so encouraging seeing the work they are doing and able to be part of it, get ideas, and encourage/be encouraged by the saints there. What a blessing our time was with the Kees!

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