Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Our first volunteer- George Owusu Ansah!

Our first 6 weeks back in Cameroon have been extremely busy- so much has happened.... we have gotten settled back into a routine, had my parents visit from Ghana, made a decision to move, reconnected with many of the congregations that we have been working with... and this past week, had one more exciting new development- the arrival of our first long-term volunteer. 

George Owusu Ansah is a young man and graduate of the christian school in Ghana where I graduated, and where Brittney and I taught for several years. He was one of my students, as well as one of my basketball players, and one of the young men I helped disciple and study the Word of God with. In Ghana, he was a student of the same university that I attended. George, since before we left Ghana, expressed a desire to come to Cameroon and help us in our ministry... to assist in our youth outreaches, help with the Gym, take some of the load of daily tasks that I have, and in other ways, help us improve and expand our ministry. As he was a student in Ghana, our thought was that he would be able to come and study here, as this would grant him a status in the country, and during his off hours, he would help out with the ministry. 

In Ghana, as he prepared for this work, George was very active in the work of the Lord. Though a full-time student, he also found time to teach a weekly Sunday School class, lead singing, help with youth programs, work a part-time job as a tutor, help with VBS and Youth Camps, help coach and arrange basketball games, and do more. He is a real go-getter and has, often with no support from his family, grown and achieved great things spiritually, educationally, athletically and in the development of his character. 

Two weeks ago, George made the daunting trip from Ghana to Cameroon overland. He was on a bus for over 30 hours, and on a ferry for another 8. He slept in bus terminals, and braved the dangers of travelling in Nigeria. He came without his Visa being processed, on the promise from his school- Pan African Institute of Development- which is also a diplomatic institution, that they will take care of his paperwork. It was really a monumental day to have him here. 

While here, he will be doing all the ministry work that we mentioned above, while pursuing his graduation from PAID with a degree in Development in Social Work. He is committed to being here for the next two years, and if God wills it, longer. As a Ghanaian, he is making the transition of cultures, diets, climates, and challenges quite smoothly. We are excited to find more and more ways for him to make a difference here. 

George needs your prayers- he is still waiting on his paperwork to be processed, he has to catch up on a number of classes, he is still going to experience homesickness, he is going to have a lot to learn and grow and do. He also needs your support. His school fees are about $2500 a year- monthly living costs will be about $100 a month. Right now we are paying for this out of our pocket, because we feel his help is more than worth it, but if you or someone you know would like to get involved in helping him specially we feel that it would be a blessing to know that you are equipping such a dynamic and God-driven young man. 

George will be sharing with you all intermittently about his impressions here in Cameroon. If you'd like to get involved in helping him out, you can contribute via paypal, or could send help through Hostetter Ministries to 506 N. Linn St. Fayette, MO 65248. God bless you all for your prayers and we hope you join us in thanking Him for all He continues to do in opening up ministry here in Cameroon! 

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