Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hostetter's Visit part II

It was such a blessing to have the Hostetter Seniors here. Here are some pics to show you some of the many ways they were an encouragement to us during their stay.

More tag team! Dad teaching at Bolifamba Mile 16 Church of Christ.

Then Jeremiah doing the preaching time!

I love hosting people and we had an opportunity to prepare a meal for the Omame and Tabe families.

Fun fellowship!

And mom happily washed the mountain of dishes afterwards. :)

Mom and Dad helped physically and spiritually. Here dad is fetching water from a broken pipe down the road. 

Who wore who out? It's nice that the kids have such wonderful grandparents.

Cameroon is a beautiful country and it was fun getting to show mom and dad the beach.

Mom doing a Bible study with Kate about using the Bible to build your faith and not just what man says. 

Kate and her family. They presented a lovely house decoration for mom and dad. 
We also had an early Thanksgiving celebration while they were here. Hannah and Jonathan are showing their thankful trees.

Yummy food!

And this is just to make you smile. So thankful for Carys Faith.

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