Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hot Water for a Hero Wife

This evening, while performing a simple action, heating up water for a bath, I was struck with gratitude and appreciation for my amazing wife. I grew up in Africa from my earliest childhood. The hardships and challenges of living in an undeveloped place such as this, while still difficult, are as familiar to me as the back of my hand. Brittney did not. While she did not always live in the best of neighborhoods and did face many hardships as a child, still, she could turn on the faucet and hot, clean, even drinkable water would flow out.

Now, if she wants water, she has to hope that either the water is flowing, or that our tank still has some water left. It just ran out today since water hasn't flowed for a week, but we had a little left in a bucket. She needed to do dishes, and then to get a bath. So, she asked me if I could get some heating for her. Here's how we do it.

As I went and filled up the bucket and then put the little heater in it, it struck me... if she hadn't married me, and devoted her life to serving the Lord in foreign lands, she would not have known these daily inconveniences and challenges. Her life would be so much more convenient and comfortable. She would have time for hobbies and socializing. She could throw dishes in a dishwasher, clothes in an always-working washing machine, and get a nice hot shower or bath while those machines took care of things.

So, faced with these and many many more burdens both great and small, does she complain, have a bad attitude, or just not get things done? No. She continues to be an amazing wife, and a devoted mother, bearing under these loads both small and great, being an amazing teacher to our kids, a hostess, an example to others, keeping our family clothed, fed and well taken care of... she provides a haven of love and encouragement even on the rough days.

I share this with you not to complain or show you how hard we have it, but so that you can join me in thanking God for this amazing woman, Christian and wife. Next time you turn on the hot water faucet, whether to wash your hands, do your dishes, get a shower or anything else... please take a minute to think of my wife, and to say a prayer for her, that even though she can't take a hot shower, she might have showers of blessings from God. I know I'm blessed to have her.

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