Tuesday, 26 November 2013

From Kumasi to Buea--- the Long Way.

Hi, I'm George Owusu Ansah. I'm excited to be in Cameroon and would like to share about my trip and how God protected me through those times.
Me at the bus terminal in Accra, getting ready for the adventure of a life-time.... The trip from Ghana to Cameroon. Thinking about taking the world on for Christ and spreading the Gospel.
Let the adventure begin. This is Accra, the Capital of Ghana, the sign of stepping out of my comfort zone and heading to the promised land.
Appreciating the wonders of God and His creation. First time seeing the Volta River in Ghana- it was the biggest I had ever seen.... God is indeed great and His Greatness is expressed in the things He made.
I'm now in the Republic of Togo, a French speaking county and this is their Capital Lome. Their topography is generally flat and sandy. I could have a view of the ocean as well as the land.
Now in the Republic of Benin, in their capital Cotonou, where the road was still under construction. The most common and  cheapest means of transport was motor bikes which was so different from Ghana.

Lake Nokoue near the city of Cotonou in Benin. 

Spent the night at a bus terminal in Lagos. Lagos is one of the busiest states in Nigeria with over 20 million people:  about the population of Ghana. Rickshaws as a means of transport is very common in Lagos.
This place in Lagos is called MAZAMAZA, meaning hurry up. It is where I took a bus to Calabar, which is a 14 hour journey with few stops.
I'm here at the Calabar sea port and about to check in for my ticket. I spent the night here and intended to board the ship early in the morning. God surely did protect me at the port and I saw some amazing things.
When we were preparing to set sail, this ship came in at the port.
After sailing for about 8 hours, I saw the beautiful sight of Mount Cameroon and then I knew that I was near my final destination. I left Kumasi Friday afternoon, and finally reached the Hostetters' house in  Buea on Tuesday night. God kept me safe, and took me through any difficulties, thanks to the prayers of the saints. I'm excited be here and to help reach Cameroon For Christ.

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