Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"The Best Vacation Ever"

Brittney's parents and my wonderful in laws, Rhys and Sharon Thomas, have visited us in Africa more times than anyone else. It probably has something to do with the fact that we have a couple of their grandkids over here. I can tell you that every single time they've come, they've been an enouragement and a help to us, and this time was no different. They were a huge blessing. Though it was officially a "vacation" for them, we kept them plenty busy- even most of our "down time" was spent talking about plans and mission philosophy and other such ministry/spiritual things. Here's just a portion of what all they did while they were with us for two weeks:
Mom and Dad both had many open doors to teach others. Here Dad is teaching Chemistry to the High School boys in the school where Jeremiah volunteers.

Dad spent several evenings teaching classes to the students from Buea College of Biblical Studies. We heard a lot of good feedback from the students and teachers about Dad's lessons.

Dad teaching a Sunday School class in the village of Mile 16.

Group Picture with a few of the Saints at Mile 16.
We got to celebrate Hannah and Jonathan's birthdays again while Grandma and Grandpa were here. They brought party stuff with them, paper plates (Jonathan's favorite color is red), Happy Birthday banner, cake mix, etc. The kids loved having their grandparents here.
Jeremiah using our homemade grill for the first time to prepare dinner for our guests in the evening. Hannah is always happy to help!
The Omams were our special guests from the Buea Church of Christ. They have been very welcoming since we've arrived and met them in Cameroon. It was nice for my parents to meet some of the Cameroonians we have been working with.
Dad preaching at the Buea Church of Christ.

Mom was able to help minister to many women while here, some one on one and some in groups. Here she is having Bible discussins with a Catholic lady named Kate.

I had the ladies from our gym come for a class about diabetes and high blood pressure led by Mom who is an RN. She also encouraged us ladies with Romans 8:12-14. God promises Christians that he will help us overcome the deeds of the flesh.
We hosted the ladies all night prayer meeting while my parents were here. Mom was given the opprotunty to share with the ladies from the church here in Buea. 

It was a really nice time full of singing, praying, and lessons from a few ladies. Mom was a trooper as she stayed up with the rest of the ladies while pregnant Brittney went to sleep earlier (around midnight).

We have a monthly young ladies meeting I lead with one of the older ladies in the Church. Mom was here when this took place and encouraged the young ladies with the Scriptures and we also talked about this year's Spiritual goals they have.

More ladies came for this meeting than ever before! :)
Hannah, Mom and I had a nice afternoon tea party. Hannah used us to practice leading Bible studies. She is quite an amazing little girl- with an amazing grandma to look up to.
Dad also got to lead a marriage class using Scriptures from the book of Ephesians. My parents have a great marriage and truly set an example of the relationship between Christ and the Church. What a blessing it is to have them as parents and fellow Saints whom we can imitate. It was indeed a great visit, very encouraging and thought provoking and really a blessing. We thank God for their faith to come and pray that He continues to strengthen them in this great service.


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