Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Lord Gives, and the Lord Takes Away...

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!  Wanted to share with you a short blog about some blessings and challenges of the past week...

On the night of the 13th of April, while we slept soundly, someone drugged our dogs to make them drowsy, then jumped over this wall to come and steal our laptop. They also rummaged through our vehicle but only stole a few minor things. They got mud on the wall when they left.

The laptop was in our office on the desk. The thief had obviously been in our house and yard before (we suspect the plumber, but can't prove anything) because they knew that the laptop would fit through the diagonal space between the bars. They tore the net and dragged it out with some sticks. When we woke up in the morning- the wires were dangling out the window, but our laptop was gone. The hardest thing was losing most of our pictures since December, including all the pictures of our time in Ghana, along with Jeremiah's lessons and notes since then. We are glad that we had backed everything up in November, so not everything is lost, but it still hurts. Pray for us to have peace, and for our security. We will be trying to reinforce these windows and seeing what else we can do for security.

While we lost something dear and precious, the generosity of you all, our brothers and sisters in Christ, dear readers, encouragers and supporters, blessed us with two big gifts- here is our new Generator! This will help our security, as thieves often come when there is a prolonged power outage- this will run some lights around the house. It also keeps stuff in the fridge from spoiling, and we hope to be able to use it in the future for village evangelism projects. Thank you!

Another BIG blessing, in many ways is this new water tank that we were able to get! It holds 2000 Litres, or around 600 Gallons! Thank you so much for helping make this possible. Our water supply has been very very poor, as many of you know... we hope to have this mounted up by the weekend, and then just have to pray for the water to come on (off since Thursday) so that it can fill up!

Good times and bad times come- but in everything we give thanks as I Thessalonians encourages us. Thieves and robbers may try and discourage and frustrate, but you, our dear family, are used by God to be huge encouragements and to help us keep on serving the Lord! Thank you!

Our next blog post will be about Brittney's parents wonderful visit!

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