Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Big Blessings for Little Blessings

We are so thankful for the congregations and individuals who have sent letters and packages to us. Here are just a few ways of how some of the items have been a blessing to the ministry!

Here is a Sunday school class using construction paper, markers, stamps and stickers that were sent by a beautiful lady with a big heart.

The kids had so much fun every step of making their craft. The stickers they used said, "FROG." Fully Rely On God!

Here is the Sunday school class room for the kids.

The kids finished art work. Us teachers had just as much fun  helping as the kids did it.

Strong pencils are another item that was sent. You can get pencils here but they are cheap pencils of bad quality that break easily. It is especially nice to use good strong pencils as Hannah is learning to write cursive.

One of the many items that were sent by the Fulton Church of Christ is water paint! Our neighborhood kids really enjoyed painting for the first time. Some of the kids we work with would never have the chance to do such projects if it weren't for the thoughtfulness of those in the States.

We want to say a special THANK YOU to all who have been so generous, thoughtful and encouraging by sending packages, finances, praying, etc for the ministry. I hope it encourages you to see just a few of the many ways you have blessed the work here. We pray that God will continue to bless you with spiritual blessings as you continue to serve Him!

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