Thursday, 19 May 2011

ABC! 123!

Ape reads A A A. A with a line reads A A A.
"The aging ape was out of shape because he ate and ate and ate!"
Elephant reads Eh Eh Eh. E with a curve reads Eh Eh Eh.
"Ellie the elephant bumped her head,
she felt so dizy she went to bed."

These are two of my favorite sounds and songs to teach in the Learning to Read Program. It's hard to believe that my students have ONE more pace until we start the advanced sounds. The advanced sounds blend two letters such as sh, th, ch. etc.
Right now I have 3 students (Baffour 8, Eunice 8, and Hannah 4). It may not sound like much but between them and Jonathan I stay PLENTY busy in school. When Eunice came to the school just a few months ago she didn't speak much English. Now she is starting to read English words. This is really neat because her mother doesn't even know how to read. I'm hoping Eunice will one day read the Bible to her mother. Baffour knew English but didn't know how to read except for a few sight words. Now he does a great job reading. Hannah is just 4 years old and I wasn't sure if I should start teaching her to read yet so I gave her the choice. She very much wanted to and I'm glad I let her because now she can read sentences.
It has been challenging at times to get them to say the right sounds b/c some of the English letters are not in their local language. I have also been working alot on their attention span- Hannah because she is so young and Baffour and Eunice because they get weary from not eating before they come to school. I sometimes offer bananas, oranges, or boiled eggs as reward snacks.
Lord willing in just a week or two they be working in English, Science, and Social Studies paces as well as their Word Building and Math paces.
What is even more exciting is that they will be able to read their BIBLES soon!


  1. The blog is great. Thank you for getting it started. Please don't stop the reports, I really enjoy them and you are both talented writers. I love you four and am almost counting the minutes until you are here enjoying my hugs and I yours. Love, Mom

  2. I love hearing you guys belting those songs from my Learning Center!! I was really impressed with your students' reading when they were in my class while you were in Togo!! Keep up the great work!!