Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Official" introductory/inaugral post.

Hey there!

Well, we've been asked about this a couple of times, whether we have a blog.
The answer is now yes, we-blog.

So, we already send out reports (if you don't get 'em, email us at and we'll add you to our list). The question then is, what are we hopping to accomplish with this blog?

1- Our reports are kind of long. We want to keep these short.
2- Our reports come every month or two. We want to try and blog every week or two, if possible.
3- There are a lot of little things that happen that don't make it into our reports, but which you might find interesting.
4- Our reports are kind of one-sided. We hope that this can be an opportunity for more interaction.
5- We want to keep this light-hearted and fun. Hopefully as you read it, you will smile.

With that neat five-point list, may the blogging begin!

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