Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ghana Picture Post Part 4

One thing that we were blessed to be able to do while in Ghana was visiting the saints there. We were able to visit with a number of the families in the church while there. Brittney and Hannah visited the Appah family, who lived across town. They were very happy to have them in the home, sharing some of their delicious food, yam and kontomre stew. 
Brittney and Hannah got to visit with the Appah's but we also visited some of the Saints as a family. Eric and Beth Ann Sarpong, the Adusei's, Jantuah's and others. There never seems to be enough time when we go to visit the Saints in other lands but I am so thankful we will be able to spend eternity together where there will be no goodbyes.

Eric and Beth Ann had their first baby while we were in Ghana. Here is sweet and absolutely beautiful baby Ara Noel Sarpong. :)  

We were able to serve in a number of ways while in Ghana. One way was to put on a  Mini Youth Camp where there were Bible lessons, hands on activities, and more!

The theme was "I Am Purposeful, Pure, and Powerful," 3 "P's."

The Youth went to the Botanical Gardens in Kumasi for more games and fun!

Brittney taught the young ladies about "Having a Pure Heart for God" during a divided session. The young ladies really enjoyed the discussion period  so much that it was hard to stop when our time was up. 
Sweet Sisters: We were so grateful for all the friendships we could renew, all the spiritual bonds we could strengthen, and ll the encouragement we could give and receive. 
Great Guys! David Sarpong and Stephen Jantuah, two great guys in Accra, where we spent the night before leaving for Cameroon. They are a huge encouragement, being pillars in their congregation in Accra, and also recently started up a Christian school, completely run and funded by Ghanaians! 
Singing songs! The Jantuah family came over to the Sarpong's home, where we spent the night, had sweet fellowship, and were shown great hospitality. We sang songs for the kids and Jeremiah was able to give a devotion as well. What a great way to spend our last evening in Ghana. The next morning, we headed out for Cameroon, and here we are! Thanks for all your prayers and support, the trip went really well, we returned refreshed and renewed, we were able to encourage, edify, and equip the saints. Despite some sickness and the sorrow of saying goodbye, we could not imagine a better trip. Thank you and thank God! Next blog post- "Back in the Saddle!- Getting back and getting to work!"

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