Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ghana Picture Post Part 3

Augustine, on the right, a friend and high school classmate of Jeremiah's  had his bachelor party while we were in Ghana. We met together to encourage him, quiz him, and also offer advice, those of us who were married. 

A few days later, he and Margaret, both former students of Bomso Christian Academy, were married. I was very honored to be asked to be the photographer for their wedding. It was my first time to do this, and while it was a lot of work, I also greatly enjoyed. I am no pro, but I work for cheap! :) Cake will probably do it. Ha ha. Still, it is great to have an opportunity to put my friendship into action in this way. 

My lovely family at the lovely wedding. 

One of my favorite pictures because of the couples expressions. Marriage is such an amazing gift from God. 

Jeremiah the photographer. :) 

December 31st, we were super excited to be part of the New Year's party in Kumasi. What a great time! There was singing, preaching, exhorting, playing, eating, praying, and fellowshiping. 2012 was really an amazing year, and we were happy to bring it to a conclusion and start off on a great new year! 

Some of the kids doing the actions for a song I wrote and taught- "Shake me up, turn me around, and send me out!" 
Preaching again. What a blessing it was to have so many opportunities to teach and preach in Ghana. God is amazing-  in 2012 we had the chance to share the word of God in 3 different countries! Ghana, the United States, and Cameroon!

Future preachers/spiritual warriors! These guys, Elijah and Jonathan, are great friends and are going to do great things for the kingdom of God! Watch out world! 

The hardest part of being a missionary is having to say goodbye to dear, dear friends and family. We had to do this at the beginning of 2012 when we left the United States and all of our dear friends and family there, and then again, we did this at the end of 2012, as we started saying goodbyes to family again. The Akolas, Adam and Abby, and their kids, are doing a great work in the North of Ghana, and were a big encouragement to us while we were there. 

Another family that's doing great things for God- the Lantames. They are serving the Lord in the southeast of Ghana. Caleb, Lamisi, and their three boys are also a great encouragement to us. Again, it was sad to say goodbye, but we thank God for the fellowship of the Spirit that we share wherever we are, and know that all our tears are being stored up and counted in Heaven, where there will be no more goodbyes, no more sorrows.

One more blog post about Ghana is coming. We hope you are encouraged by all that God does/did in our short time in Ghana. 

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