Friday, 11 January 2013

Ghana Picture Post Part 2

While in Ghana, we were able to help out with their Annual Family Camp. There were around 250 people there from many congregations for preaching, singing, prayer, youth programs, fellowship and more. The theme was "Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life."  I was asked to help MC a forum on enriching our marriage, and had 9 men share some of their insights and understandings from the Scriptures. 
Sometimes there are trials. Much to Brittney's dismay, she and Jonathan came down with Mumps (contracted in Cameroon) the day that Family Camp started. This disease is highly contagious and so she had to remain mostly isolated. It was painful and also difficult, not being able to visit and talk with many dear friends and fellow saints, but she did her best to keep a good attitude and sometimes was able to listen to the sermons anyways. 
Hannah enjoying the Sunday School class with her friend Montana Icenogle and others taught by Aunt Jessica. Our kids were tremendously blessed to be able to spend time with other children who are being brought up in the Lord, attending Christian schools and are good examples for them. Most of their interactions with other children here in Cameroon are of an outreach nature, and must be carefully monitored to try and ensure that they don't pick up bad examples from other kids. In Ghana, they were rather being blessed and learning good examples from other kids. If nothing else had been accomplished (but much was) we feel that the benefit to our kids from this trip would have made it worth it.

"Introducing" my family at Family Camp before I preached. I preached on the faith it took Jesus to say "I AM" and how we also need to have faith and accept what the Bible says about who we are. It was warm there as you can tell.

Brother-in-law and missionary to India, Binoy Thomas, preaching the closing sermon of family camp. He was a big encouragement to us, and it was a blessed opportunity to be able to talk with him and garner some of his wisdom and experience from his nine years of ministry in India. 

Brother Daniel and his family. They came down from the north, where he works as a preacher among the Konkombas. I coached his son Isaac (on the right) in basketball when he was in BCA in Kumasi. They are a great encouragement. 
Some of the family and friends that were together for Christmas. I can't express how joyful it was to be able to be there with them all- the Icenogle, Akola, Thomas, Osebreh and Hostetter family all together. What a diverse group- Ghana, India, and America all together.
Answering Bible questions about the birth of Jesus. A very Biblically knowledgeable group of kids.

Well, this is part two- as you can see, a lot happened in Ghana. More is yet to come- We had a wedding, a New Year, a Mini-Camp for Youth, and visiting people... coming up in parts 3 and 4! 


  1. What a lovely intercultural experience! Thanks for sharing some of the happenings and stories and pictures from Ghana!

  2. Wonderful encouragement exuding from these photos and captions, brother. Good to see some other saints I don't usually get the chance to see in the Cameroon pics. Hope all is well and healthy with your family now. I'll be praying for you and all with whom you come into contact, for the light to keep on shinin'!

    May God continue to bless you...
    David, Spring & Matthew in China