Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Going to Ghana!

Many of our best memories- our meeting, our marriage, our kids being born, and first ministering together took place in Ghana. For 26 years, Jeremiah lived in Ghana, while Brittney was there for 7 years. While we have now made our home here in Cameroon, and pray that God gives us 26 years and more of ministry here, there will always be a place in our heart for the saints and work and family in Ghana. This is why we are SUPER EXCITED that we have been given the opportunity to go to Ghana next month! We were interested in going, and then back in May, we had a very generous donation with the instructions that we should use it as Christmas/Birthday gifts. We got some equipment for our gym, some house things, and... round-trip plane tickets to Ghana!

We will be leaving on the 13th of December and returning the 11th of January. While in Ghana, we will be:
--- Preaching and teaching in the church there. 
--- Participating in the school- helping round out the first half of the year and start up a new year. 
--- Leading songs, youth programs, women's classes, and preaching and teaching at the Annual Ghana Family Camp.
--- Helping with the New Year's Program.
--- Leading a Mini-Youth Camp.
--- Getting some needed spiritual refreshing and encouraging, listening to great sermons, and reconnecting and encouraging our dear saints in Ghana. 
--- Working with the young men. 
--- Taking part in a BCA Alumni Meeting.
--- "Recruiting" future helpers for our work here in Cameroon. 
--- Encouraging fellow missionaries Binoy and Rebecca Thomas, Jeremiah's sister and brother-in-law who work in South India, as well as Jessica and Attah Osebreh, also siblings who work in Ghana, Jeremiah's parents Jeff and Sherrie Hostetter, and also Steve and Jennifer Icenogle, who have recently returned to Ghana and who are dear friends. There are about 20 kids in the mix as well, future generations of missionaries. 
--- See old students and encourage them. 
--- Enjoy some family time at Christmas.
--- Our kids will especially benefit from time with friends and family.
--- Much, much more... last time we talked to Ghana, they asked Jeremiah to do all the teaching and preaching our first Sunday there- Men's Bible Class, Sermon, and Sunday Night Class- we have a sneaking suspicion that we will be very busy, but believe we will come back to Cameroon renewed, refreshed, and revved up for the work here. 

Why have we waited till now to announce this? Well, we wanted to be sure that it could happen- to confirm our tickets, and also, to receive our visas. They were granted last week, and were paid for by the saints in Ghana, as they are all eager for us to come. We do not know when such an opportunity will present itself again, especially as we get more and more involved in ministry here, so we are especially grateful for this opportunity. 

A huge thank you to the saints in Ghana who helped make this possible, and our dear supporters who donated the funds for the tickets. God bless you guys!