Thursday, 1 November 2012

Girls Gone Shopping

Me and Hannah we de go market fa go buy chop and tings fa house.

A lot of folks ask where we go shopping to get our food and clothing. Hannah and I brought along a camera during our last shopping trip to give you an idea of what our market is like...

This is the fruit section. You can get different fruit depending on the season. I am holding a delicious looking pawpaw in my hand while oranges (which are actually green here), grapefruit, and lemons surround me. You can get 5 pawpaws for 500cfa or $1. Sweet deal, huh? ;)

This is the bean, spice and vegetable section. I am thankful to God for the good produce He has blessed Cameroon with.
To the left you have your cow tail soup spices. Yes they use an actual cow tail to make the soup and no I have no idea the English names for the spices. The onion group is 500cfa or $1 and then she will dash me an extra onion or 2. The beans are 100cfa per cup which is about 20 cents.

Clothes section...

I like that the used pants are cheap so its not a big deal if I miss guess my size. Don't ask me where the changing rooms are. ;)

On the far left you have your used books section and next to that you have used bras and undies. Behind me are a pile of shoes you can pick from. Your choices are as follows: 1. New Chinese shoes that are expensive and will start falling apart within a week. 2. Used shoes that are of better quality but are molded due to the extreme humidity. Who wants to share foot fungi?! haha!

This cool guy asked Hannah, "I beg, snap me picha?" She did most of the picture taking. Clap fa her, "Well dun Hannah, dat is very gud!"
This picture was taken at the beginning of our shopping trip. At the same place near the end of our trip it was much more busy. As I was bargaining over the transport cost with a taxi another vehicle hit the taxi causing it to move enough to knock Hannah and me down. Thankfully we were ok and the riot that was upset with the guilty driver quickly calmed down.
I really feel like everyday is an adventure and I am thankful to God that though it's not always easy it is indeed an exciting life we live in Christ!


  1. Yea for Hannah's photography skills! Great descriptions of market and the stuff there. And the ground looks so dry in the pictures :-)

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful blogs! We really enjoy reading and seeing them, and being a "part" of your lives in Cameroon. Truly serving the King is always an adventure! Great perspective, Britt, and great pictures, Hannah! Love you and are always encouraged by your great example! the Thomases

  3. Thanks for sharing this "shopping trip". It is a real eye opener and something I hadn't really thought about. Where do you get your meat from? Also, thank you for all your hard dedicated work for the Kingdom. Connie Kirkland