Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Foods both yummy and... interesting.

Cameroon and Ghana have many similarities, in terms of climate, culture, peoples and religion. However, there are some differences, which we must learn and adapt to in order to serve God here. One of those differences is food! We eat Cameroonian food several times each week (today we are eating Kwakoko and Mbanga soup for lunch). Most of it is quite tasty, though some of it... may be an acquired taste which we have yet to acquire (Cameroonian "plums" test the limits of my facial control when I eat them, though Brittney usually manages to smile when we are offered one). Here are a few of the curious culinary creations of Cameroon!

Sweet Potato and Tomato Stew- Brittney fixed this. Cameroon has many varieties of potatoes and yams.
Traditional Snack of Peanut Paste, Kola Nuts, and a kind of Eggplant. This is served at many meetings and parties especially among people from the Southwest region around Mamfe. Kola is incredibly bitter, but also contains caffeine. The freshly made Peanut Butter is quite good!

Kokey (sp?) beans. These are a yellowish bean that is boiled, mashed, spiced and seasoned. Pretty good.

Water Fufu. The staple of the Southwest. Made of yam that is soaked in water. It can really range in taste depending on how long it sat in the water... stuff that soaked for several weeks is fermented and foul smelling, but the fresher fufu is tastier. Usually served with Eru, a vegetable a bit like spinach, but also may be served with stew.
A meal we made from Ghana- bean stew and tatale (mashed, fried plantain). Yummy!
An absolute treat! If you climb above 3000 feet around Buea, there is a chance you will find wild raspberries! They are MARVELOUS!

As a missionary, you never know what you will be served to eat, how sanitary it will be, what it will taste like, etc... It is sometimes a challenge, but it really connects to people when you share in a meal, much like when we as the Body of Christ share in the Lord's Supper together. Maybe YOU will come to Cameroon and try some of these and other fascinating foods like my Mom and Dad did! Try it try it, you will like it!


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