Friday, 28 September 2012

The Rough Roads of Cameroon

Cameroon has some of the worst roads in the world, particularly here in the Southwest where mud roads meet up with some of the heaviest rainfall in the world. A four-wheel drive with good clearance is practically a necessity if you want to do any work in the villages. Check out these videos from YouTube of some village roads here in the Southwest region! :D Thank God, they are doing some road work on a few of the bad roads in the Southwest- pray that they can continue- it will open up the region tremendously. In the meantime, enjoy these adventurous folks' videos!

These are some of the roads we traveled on when we went to Fredrecks village to teach and preach earlier this year. Though the roads were still bad we were thankful we didn't try to go during the rainy season or the roads would have been worse as shown in these videos. :)

Thank you for your continued prayers as we take the Gospel to places that are hard to reach!

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