Sunday, 5 March 2017

Adventures in India- Pt. 1

It is hard to believe that 4 weeks have almost passed since we arrived here in India. Time has FLOWN by in a whirlwind, but we want to take a minute to share about our trip before we head back to Cameroon on Wednesday (where the internet is still shut off in our town due to continuing social unrest). We hope you will be encouraged, as we have been. 

Kerala Christian Academy
We have enjoyed being able to help out with the Christian school here, and our kids have been blessed to be back in the Learning Center. Schools remain closed in Cameroon, so it was wonderful getting to participate in Kerala Christian Academy. Binoy and Rebecca have done a great job running their school and we have been able to pick up on some ideas of theirs to apply in our school once it is up and running again.

 Our kids got to be back in a Learning Center finally after 2 and 1/2 months off (due to strikes in Cameroon). 

 Carys, as usual, is part of EVERYTHING. She worked very hard on her "PACES," even scoring her work, which was pretty cute. 

 The kids had Red Day and Green Day. The later bears no connection to a band. 
 Chemistry is the one subject I had in High School that gave me nightmares. I got good grades, but I was always surprised when I did. So naturally, I got to help someone figure out Valence Electrons. I think we got it sorted out. 

 I got to help out doing openings at 8:30, teaching songs and giving devotions. I also helped out some in the Learning Center when needed. 
 Brittney is a really gifted and amazing supervisor. It was fun to see her back in action. 

There were lots of fun activities for the students as well, such as a cooking day and creative office competition. Here was a winning entry. 

Getting Doctored Up
India has considerably better medical care than Cameroon, at quite reasonable costs (about 1/8th of the United States). We had over a dozen doctor visits, dental checkups and fillings, MRIs, extensive lab work, Ultrasounds, Xrays, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Medication, and even Surgery done, all for less than $2000! We are so glad that we were able to get some medical issues that have been nagging us sorted out. 

I had so many tests done, as I have had recurring nausea, vomiting and general ill-health for over 5 months. Test after test turned up negative, which was good, but finally, an endoscopy revealed that I have an H. Pylori infection along with Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux Disease which has corroded my Esophagus. I am on medication for the next six months to hopefully repair the damage, and will need to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. If you could pray: 1- The medication I will be taking makes me more susceptible to stomach infections such as Typhoid, which is rampant and widespread in Cameroon, so please pray for protection from that, 2- Pray that I can make adjustments to lifestyle and diet... I am supposed to avoid Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Spicy Foods, Fat-Heavy Oils, and Citrus Fruits amongst others. These are things we eat pretty much daily in Cameroon as almost every Cameroonian meal contains some or even all of these ingredients. Your prayers are appreciated, and we are very grateful to finally have a diagnosis and are trusting God to continue to heal. 

Fun Family Times
Everything has not just been hospital visits and shots and needles. We have really had a lot of fun, refreshing times with our family here, enjoying the flavorful food, wrestle times, beautiful countryside, and great family outings. Our hearts are refreshed and renewed to return to Cameroon!

Well, this post has already run pretty long, and I've got around 50 more pictures to share! So, I will wrap it up here for now and God-willing get the second part up in the next day(s). God bless and thanks so much to all who have helped with the cost of this trip and who have prayed for and encouraged us, and especially to our hosts, the wonderful Thomas family! 

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