Friday, 10 March 2017

Adventures in India, Final Pt.

Hey All! I know we are sharing a lot about our trip in India. It really was a busy, productive, encouraging time! Here are a few more pictures, one more post, of other ministry that we were able to share in while in India. 

We enjoyed being a part of the house church that meets downstairs at the Thomas' house. It was encouraging to be able to share with the saints there and we hope to be able to encourage them in their faith.

The Thomas' kids are great kids, and it is inspiring to see them helping out in the ministry there, whether it's in school, house assembly, or other avenues. 
I enjoyed our Bible studies with this gentleman, Mr. Alexander. He is very zealous for the Word, and it was very encouraging getting to share in the studies that Binoy has with him. 
Mr. Alexander also invited us over to his lovely home to share a meal with his family, answer some Bible questions, and I had a chance to give a devotion as well. What inspired him in studying with Binoy was seeing his family, how they are all focused on the Word. 
One of the families in the assembly. Though there was a language barrier at times, it was sweet to know that we share a bond of the Spirit and a common faith. 
I also got to speak at one of the local assemblies in town. Gaius, one of the students in Kerala Christian Academy, translated for me. He is an amazing young man. 
Binoy and I were also invited to speak to a group of various people at a homeschooling and Christian family seminar, organized by a gentleman from Cochin. It was great to see people turn out who are concerned about their Children's spiritual as well as academic upbringing. 

Binoy is always looking for ways to make contacts which can bear fruit. He talks to pretty much everyone he is around and looks for spiritual interest. We even got to "crash" a wedding while there, with almost 1000 people! It was fun when asked how I knew the couple to tell them, truthfully, "Oh, I am the brother-in-law of a friend of the brother of the bride." No one even batted an eye, as weddings in India are huge and many are invited. We had some good discussion and put out some "hooks" for the gospel.

Evening devotions were an encouraging time. Jonathan loved having a bunch of boys to hang out with and be buddies. 

Our last Sunday in India, Binoy hired a ferry (things are quite affordable in India) for a couple of hours to cruise around the Cochin harbor as we had our Sunday evening assembly. That was a unique and memorable experience. 

Indeed, our whole time in India was truly a wonderful time. We were able to get much done, and were blessed to be with Binoy and Rebecca and their kids. We appreciate again all who helped make the trip possible. Thank you. Now, we are back in Cameroon, and it may be a while until our next post, as we only have internet when we come to Douala (such as to pick up bags that didn't arrive on time, which I am doing now). Please continue to pray for us as things remain unsettled politically, as we get settled back into the swing of things, as I adjust to my health issues, and as we continue to seek to build faith and transform lives in Cameroon. Thanks again! 

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