Monday, 5 December 2016

Happening Happenings

Hey All! We wanted to take a moment and update you with what we've been up to lately. SO here's a post of some of our happening happenings. :D 

We Got Our Resident Permits! Every two years, we must get new resident permits, which enable us to legally live in Cameroon. Back in October, we started working on these, as the process is quite long and drawn out (and pretty expensive too). 

Getting our permits involved me (Jeremiah) making a trip to the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde to check on some paperwork. On the way back, my bus had to turn back, as the main highway that connects Yaounde to Douala and thus Buea had been washed away due to rain. 
Being unable to take the bus, I intended to board the train to get to Douala. By the time I reached Yaounde, the train was full (actually considerably overloaded). Due to this overloading, it ended up derailing, killing around 100 people and injuring hundreds more. I would have been on that train if I hadn't changed plans to take the bus, and then after rerouting, was unable to get a seat. Thank God for His protection, while our hearts go out to all those whose lives were changed. I finally got a car that went the long way round, and after 14 hours of travelling, made it safely home. 

Back in Buea, we spent many more hours waiting and waiting to get our resident permits done. Our kids did well, even falling asleep in the grass by the police station. We are so glad to finally be done with all the paperwork and thank God for guiding us through.  

 Speaking of Thanksgiving, we celebrated our 5th Thanksgiving in Cameroon a couple of weeks ago. There was lots of delicious food and good friends to share the meal. We are abundantly grateful for all God has done for us. We are truly blessed. One of the things we are thankful for: you our dear readers and partners!

We are also thankful for our friends and coworkers of the last two years, the Harrises. Last week, we sadly said good-bye to them, as they have returned to minister in the United States. They were a great help and blessing to have here, and will be sorely missed. We pray God blesses their efforts in the United States and also supplies the laborers needed here in Cameroon. 

The last week and a half, we have been unable to have school here. Teachers and lawyers in English-speaking Cameroon are on strike, and schools have been threatened to close. Last week, the University of Buea students decided to also protest, but were beaten up, mistreated, and arrested en mass. Fortunately no one died, and things are slowly becoming peaceful. Pray that this can resolve swiftly so we can resume school safely. 

We have stayed busy with other ministry aspects as school is closed. Sunday, I was invited to speak in a village on the other side of Mount Cameroon. It was encouraging to encounter the saints in Munyenge and have the chance to share the word of God with them. 

It took about 2 1/2 hours to get there, as the road was pretty bad. 

Today I found out that my shocks have had it and will need to be replaced. You can maybe understand why. Vehicles and transportation in Cameroon are one of our major expenses, not only because they get so much wear and tear, but also because the parts are 2 to 3 times more expensive. Still, I am very grateful for our great car. 

Since Brian and Jael left, we have moved down into their house. It has a much better supply of water, and also is more secure, with a wall around it. We have already made good use of it, hosting our house assembly on Sunday. 

Jonathan decided to invite some of his neighborhood friends for evening assembly. We have great kids, and love to see such displays of evangelistic concern. 

Finally, I would like to share with you a little idea I had. Basketball has been a part of our lives (Brittney's and mine) since we were kids. We both played in High School and I also played in University in Ghana (check out this throwback picture). If you have followed us for some time, you also know that I coached our school teams in Ghana for a number of years. Well, we would like to put a small 1/3 Basketball court at our school house. It would be something fun for the school kids, especially during the rainy season when the grass is wet and muddy. We also hope that we could have neighborhood kids over in the afternoons at times, to teach them to play and also share with them a Bible lesson or daily devotion like we do with the Gym. 

Here is the place we would put the court. We have talked to a contractor and were told that we could concrete this area for about $1000. The goal and post would likely be around $500. We would want to do this during the Christmas break while the school kids are not around. It would be fun to surprise them on their return and also let the contractor work undisturbed. If you would like to help out with this project, I wouldn't describe it as a NEED, but more of a Christmas wish so to speak. You can get a hold of me or Brittney on Facebook, or email us at 
Love you all and God bless! 

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  1. Sharon and I would like to help with the basketball project. Sending an extra $1000 to your dad today. Love you all!