Friday, 11 November 2016


Yesterday, I took a trip to Douala, the biggest city in Cameroon, to do some shopping with Brian. We had to get some things that you can't find in Buea, as Douala is the port city and also has many more stores and selection. It was a good trip, we were able to find what we needed, and the 75 mile round trip only took 5 hours, (traffic is fairly bad, and you have to dodge wrecks... see pic below). 

The trip did get me thinking though, because the next time I go to Douala will be in three weeks, when I take the Harrises to the airport to drop them off and say farewell. For those of you who don't know, the Harrises' two year commitment here will come to an end on December 2nd. They will be returning to the United States, where Brian will serve as a minister for a congregation in Southern Illinois. 

We will greatly miss the Harrises. They are a tremendous help in many ways. Brian is a good teacher/preacher, and helps give lessons at our home assembly on Sunday nights, as well in villages on Sunday mornings. 

Brian also has been a big help with the Gym ministry, getting Bible studies with members, help running things while we were in the United States. 

We love that the Harrises are very evangelistic. They have both helped lead others to Christ while here, such as Paul and Elizabeth. 

The Harrises are a tremendous help with our School. I have been sick for a week, only able to go to school once this week, and in my absence, they run the learning center smoothly as always. 

They really have been a tremendous blessing to the ministry here in Cameroon. They are multi-talented, highly capable and zealous for the work of the Lord. More than that, they are our friends. I have especially enjoyed having Brian here (as Brittney has enjoyed having Jael) to talk, share ideas, discuss Scripture, hang out, laugh, and even suffer together (like going to the airport to look for lost luggage). 

(Our unimpressed faces... the luggage hadn't arrived yet, ha ha). 

(They're a lot prettier than us guys). 

Writing this post is hard. We are really going to miss these guys. We do though want to ask you to please pray about a number of things, as the next months will involve a lot of transition. 

- Pray for the Harrises' transition back to the United States and their ministry in Illinois. They are starting from scratch in many ways, as they sold all they had before coming to Cameroon. Pray that they can make a good transition and that they can make an impact for Christ in the United States. Pray also for their legacy here, that the seeds they helped sow will bear fruit that will last, that their time here will have an impact felt for years to come.

- Pray for the increased workload on us. As you can see, they help in many ways here. With them leaving, we must pick up the slack and carry more of a load. We know God will supply the strength, but please pray for us. 

- Pray for the increased financial responsibility on us. The Harrises helped with many of the financial needs of the ministry here, particularly the school. With them leaving, we must cover these costs now by ourselves. Our trip to the United States this past summer helped raise some one-time donations, but little increase in monthly finances, so pray that God will provide these operating costs that keep the ministry running. We trust Him, He has always provided, but appreciate your prayers as always. 

- Pray for us to be comforted. It is hard to say goodbye and we know we will miss not only their help, but also their friendship and presence. 

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