Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Outside the Church Building

We often take pictures and talk about what happens inside the Church building. This blog I want to talk a little about what is outside the Church building in Bolifamba. My heart goes out for the people in this village.

This is the area we usually park before walking about 100 yards to the Church building.

On the left there are small stores where you can buy accra (mashed bananas and cassava fried), alcohol and other small items. You'd be surprised how many people drink early Sunday morning.
This is the view looking down the road. After the blue car you turn right to go down a small path full of volcanic rocks to the Church building.
Carys and some of her new friends. These kids need to know about Jesus! God loves them just as much as He loves my precious Carys.
On the way we see these guys on the right. They are friendly and fun to talk to. Here they wanted to show the dog head with the plantains because they like this "chop" combination.

Dog intestine anyone? I like that they are not wasteful! My heart goes out to these men. They need to be taught the Gospel.

This will be their next meal.
Carys is sitting in front of the Church building.
This is a picture taken from where Carys is in the previous one. It is a new outhouse the Church put up so now we don't have to squat in the bushes next to the building.

They did a great job!

This is to the right of the Church building.

This is to the left. These two ladies are washing their clothes by hand. There needs to be a ladies outreach, too. 

This is the Church building. We love working with the Bolifamba Church of Christ saints but my heart yearns to reach out to more people in the village. Please pray for the hearts of those in the Church here to desire to reach out to those around them. Pray for us so we can have the wisdom to know what we can do to best help those in physical but more importantly spiritual need. Pray that God will open the hearts and minds of those in Bolifamba to be ready to receive the Gospel and turn Him.

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  1. Keep up the great work, my friends, and thanks for the updates!