Sunday, 15 February 2015

February Update 2.0

February Update 2.0

 It's already been 2 weeks since my last post. Time seems to be flying and we praise God that the ministry keeps moving forward!

This morning Brian did the Sunday school lesson and taught on Romans 10 while Jeremiah did the preaching about "abiding with one another" in the village of Balifomba. 

Brian and Jael both continue to help with various things in the ministry (the gym, school, teaching/preaching, Bible studies, running errands, etc) as well as set up house. They were blessed to find a house just 3 doors down from us!
Speaking of help, Hannah is becoming such a big helper and does more and more without having to be told as time goes on. Here she is grating carrots for the salad she made. Parenting is a lot of work but also brings lots of joy!
Carys wants to be a big girl so much. She loves to help daddy... she looks happy here working but when its time to stop mixing and start putting the batter in the waffle iron she gets upset because she wants to keep helping. 

It was good to be back in the village of Ekona on Wednesday evening for the first time this year to teach the children's Bible class!

Abel asked me to have a Bible study with these ladies. These 3 ladies plus one of their daughters (the other in the pic is a neighbor) live in this one room and have a hard life but are seeking for Truth in God's Word. Our first study went really well and we are hoping to continue them weekly.

Ethiopian food! A few years back I was blessed to meet my beautiful Ethiopian friend, Alem, and we have play dates with her 2 kids from time to time. 

On Saturday mornings Hannah and Jonathan have tennis practice. It is fun seeing them learning basics and meet new Cameroonian friends. 

It is exciting to see our Sunday evening home Bible studies and relationships grow! 
 One of my favorite sounds ever is hearing the kids giggle as daddy wrestles with them. They are so blessed to have a wonderful father!

Yesterday was the Mountain Cameroon Race of Hope- an ultra marathon up the slopes of an active volcano and back down. It always amazes me thinking about what the body is capable of doing and encourages me that God gives us the Holy Spirit to do greater things than these.

Until next time!

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