Monday, 29 September 2014

Update on Ashley

On Saturday, I had a chance to take Ashley and her family up to the hospital in Mbingo where she will be receiving treatment. It was a 7 hour journey to get there, but we arrived safe and sound, and Ashley has been admitted to the hospital and is awaiting her surgery, which should be either today or tomorrow... 
Hannah and Jonathan got together some of their books and toys to give to Ashley for her stay in the hospital, which brightened up her day. She has a glowing smile. 
Ashley's parents went along with her and will be staying through the surgery. Her mom will also be staying for the month or so of physical therapy that Ashley will need to recover usage of her right hand.  
Ashley's family for what God has been doing for their little girl. Her father, who had been studying with brethren from the congregation in Muea where Ashley has been in Sunday School, was recently immersed into Christ. It was the love shown by the brethren to Ashley, along with the scripture that was taught, that led him to Christ. 

Ashley is a bit nervous about being at the hospital- like any six-year old, she doesn't like shots and such, but she was enjoying the special attention. I was reminded of Matthew 19:14 14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

One of the encouraging things about our trip was travelling with Tataw Stephen who is from the Muea Church of Christ. He is a nurse and so was helpful in navigating the hospital and advising Ashley's parents. The congregation there took up a special offering for Ashley's family of $100 to help with their food while at the hospital! This is a lot of money for small congregation in a small town. We were also tremendously encouraged by the generosity of you all in the States. Now as I write this blog, ALL of the funds needed for Ashley's treatment, transportation to and from the hospital, feeding, housing, therapy, and more had been donated! We were able to prepay for her surgery, give her parents a stipend for their housing and food while at the hospital, buy gas, and even pay a ticket for having taillights that had burnt out (third time I've changed them this year). Honestly, it was overwhelming to see the concern for this child and so very encouraging. 

Now we wait. After assembly yesterday, Tataw and I drove back from Bamenda to get home to Buea in time for me to have our evening assembly with Abel. It poured down rain the whole way, but we made it safely. Ashley is scheduled for surgery today or tomorrow (they were waiting on the doctor to get there). Please keep her in prayers. She is scared, probably having bad memories from the last time she was in the hospital. Pray that God comforts her, and guides the surgeons and therapists and nurses so that she can have the best possible outcome and that she and her family can know that He loves her and His people also love her. Thanks so much for helping us make a difference in this little girl's life! 

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