Friday, 12 September 2014

The Hostetters visit the Hostetters

One thing we always thank God for is that both Brittney and I have parents who are in the Lord, who are serving God whole-heartedly, and who are a constant encouragement to us, and finally, who visit us once a year! The last 3 weeks, we were blessed to have my (Jeremiah's) folks come for a visit from Ghana, where they are missionaries. Here are just a few pictures from their refreshing visit. 
As much as we were blessed and encouraged by Mom and Dad Hostetters' visit, it was our kids who enjoyed it the most, having time with Godly Grandparents! My mom is a great mom and a trully GRAND Grandma! 

Grandma H with another "Brittney." Our worker Kate's daughter had a baby while my parents were here- Baby Brittney. 

We had a chance to visit the Cite De La Paix (City of Peace) Church of Christ in Douala while they were here. I preached on "Understanding True Worship: Living as the Temple of the Holy Spirit."

My dad was asked on the spot to give the Giving devotion. He gave us a great one! :) 
We did a reverse in Limbe- my Dad preached this time and... 
I gave the Lord's Supper devotion! Teamwork at work! 

The kids had a great time with the parents, making memories and building bonds. Grandpa likes hiking, and so do our kids. We are very happy to have some farm trails behind our house that go up on the mountain a bit, passing through the jungle. It was a lot of fun, and good to build character and toughness. 

It took a few days, but Carys really warmed up to her grandparents, especially Grandma. It was a huge help having my mom here, as we were getting geared up and started school while they were here (more on that in the next blog post). She helped out around the house, babysat (we got to have a date night! yeah!) and cooked some yummy food.

After assembly in Limbe, we went, in the pouring rain, to the zoo. Hannah and Grandpa had a blast looking at the Gorillas. 

My dad had a lot of chances to teach and preach while here. He led our evening house church meetings and also had a lot of time with Abel personally studying. He taught a devotion at the gym too, and the guys there were impressed to see a grandpa still hitting the weights.  
This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine! Family devotions is a great way to end the day! What a great visit it was, leaving us encouraged and strengthened for our new year of school.

Maybe you'd like to visit? You're always welcome!

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