Monday, 6 January 2014

New House 2014

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a great 2013 and pray that you have an even better 2014 as you continue to grow in the Lord!

We are so thankful God has blessed us with a house to rent that is in a safe neighborhood AND has a good water supply! We are excited about using the house for the Lord and hoping that having a good water supply will help cut down on sicknesses. 

This is our new house. It's actually over 50 years old but the older houses in Buea are built better and are able to withstand the earthquakes from the active volcano, Mt. Cameroon.

Porch area

Living room. Yes, we have a fireplace in our home in Africa! The further up the mountain you go the colder it gets.

Living room from a different angle. The door on the right goes to the kitchen.

Kitchen. We are still making some renovations on the house.

The door on the left is the door to a nice little storeroom.

Hallway. The storage room in the back has a water heater in it. If we can get it to work it will be the first time we've has hot water flowing to the bathrooms since we've been married. (Today is our 8th Anniversary!)


Kids room. There is a room just like this on the other side that we will use for the guestroom/Jeremiah's office.

Master bedroom. There is another room this size (but without a bathroom) that I would like to use for the school room.

Master bathroom


View to the road from our porch. So excited about living on a paved road. It will be safer and less wear and tear on our vehicle.


Back yard. The guys have been doing LOTS of work removing the volcanic stones to help make the yard a little less snake friendly. Green mambas, black cobras, night adders and vipers are all common in our area. 

Side view on one side of the yard.

The yard is really big but we are fencing only part of it to cut down on costs. This is a picture of our boys quarters. It's not in good condition right now but one day we may fix it up and use it as a little guest house.

We hope to start moving in on Saturday!


  1. So happy you're going to be living in a nice area (well, nice if you don't count snakes!) and will hopefully have hot water! Brittany and Jeremiah, I admire you so much and pray for your continued success in winning souls to Christ. And, having a nice place to live will be very helpful for your ministry.

  2. What a fantastic new house. So full of promise!

  3. Congrats on your new house guys! It's already 50 years old? It doesn't look like it! A few tweaks here and there won't hurt as well. The view is amazing as well. I could just imagine you guys having breakfast over looking the beautiful scenery. A house this beautiful needs to be protected and kempt to last another 50 years. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Mary Simpson @ Korsgaden Insurance

  4. The first thing that we did after we moved in our new house was have a complete pest control inspection performed. The inspector found signs of termite damage in the garage and was able to treat and eliminate the issue before we had real problems. I recommend to all your readers to invest in at least a termite inspection.

    Jacqueline @ Buyer's Option Realty Services

  5. It looks like the home is really coming along! Did it turn out well? I would love to see some newer pictures as to how it looks now. Looks like you have some eager little helpers, too. Ha ha, kids are always good for that. Hope all is well with you.

    Rupert @ Gulf Shores Real Estate And Homes