Sunday, 15 December 2013

From Dust to Dust

In Cameroon, we are constantly reminded of our mortality. Life expectancy, due lack of medical facilities, abundance of tropical diseases, AIDS, and highly stressful lives, is in the early 50s. When one reaches 70 years old, they are quite old here. Yesterday, I was invited to preach at the funeral of a brother in Christ, a preacher from Nigeria who has been in Cameroon for over 50 years.

The Road to the village of Kongwe was a pretty bad- and we mistakenly took the worse one. Thankful for a 4x4 with good clearance. We did have the license plate come off because of the force of the water and the mud dragged it off, but got there. I was kind of afraid of flooding the engine, as this was one of the small puddles, but thank God we made it through- I was carrying along a couple of the Cameroon brethren. When they get worried, well you know it's a bad road. 
Preaching about living a life of profit. What are we going to care about on the day of our death? Our profit will not come from our possessions, our academic achievements, our prestige... they will come from the spiritual things in which we invest. What will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Carrying the Casket to the grave behind the church building. Just like that, our life can be carried away. This should not, for the Christian be a day of mourning, but a time of celebration.

Final words uttered by Brother Vincent. I thank God for the opportunity to be part of this... it provokes much thought and reflection and reminds us that this life is but a fleeting shadow, here today and tomorrow we are gone. 
Lowering the casket into the grave Cameroon-style. 
For dust you are, And to dust you shall return.” After a few close friends and relatives said their final goodbyes, the casket was quickly buried. Thank God that, for those in Christ, this is not the end... we shall rise again and be with our God. Maranatha Lord Jesus!

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