Wednesday, 15 May 2013

This Post Brought to You by the Letter H for Hannah

Our goal and desire for our children is above all that they will have a love for the lost, that they will not just be present in our ministry, but will be part of our ministry- our greatest helpers. With Hannah, who is 6 now, we do indeed see this happening. This blog is brought to you by her- the pictures were taken by her, and the captions were written by her as well. We hope you enjoy this view of our work from Hannah's perspective.

Daddy was teaching about Freedom in Christ in a new assembly. 

I like hearing my daddy teach in the Mile 14 church. 

This little girl was soo cute!

She's funny. She's about 2 years old. I took a lot of pictures of her. 
My mommy is pregnant. I am excited about it. The baby is coming in just 11 weeks! I want to do almost everything with my new sister or brother! 

Mommy is doing squats in the gym. I like going to the gym with my mommy. She trains the ladies there. Mommy said that those squats would help her for the baby. 

I was at the market with my mommy. We went to go and buy food. We got fruits. The market is pretty crowded.  

This guy asked me to take his picture. He's really funny. People like it a lot when I take their picture. I like taking pictures of people who are friendly. 

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