Thursday, 14 March 2013

Debbie, Brandy, and Cristina's Cameroon Trip Part 2!

For the 2nd part of the blog post concerning the trip with Aunt Debbie, Brandy, and Cristina I got thoughts from them after arriving home. I am very thankful for their great attitudes as 2 of them were not able to get home until 3 days after they were supposed to due to a bad airplane part on AirFrance. My 3rd visitor wasn't able to get home until almost a week later due to immigration issues. Though tears were shed, they trusted that God was with them the whole way. Overall they were blessed, as was I, by their mission trip to Cameroon!

"As me and my travel companions were driving away from the Hostetters Feb. 22nd, with tears in my eyes I realized not only was I going to miss them but the people who's lives we have touched and those who touched ours while there. I realized at that moment why the Hostetters have such a love for the people and why they choose to live in a third world country and the sufferings that go along with it. We are called to serve. The people are hospitable and are eager to give. I came to give of myself to serve the people and I found that the people wanted to give and serve me. Food, invitation to their home, a smile and always a hand shake. What seemed so far away became so near. I wish everyone could experience that in their life time." Aunt Debbie

"Hello everyone! Wow, it has now been one week since our return home. To all who followed our writings it was an end to a trip to Africa, to those who lived it, there was no ending to the journey. Only beginnings of new chapters in each of our lives. Sorry, i have not been able to post my responses to several reoccurring questions I am asked continually...1). Would I go again? Yes, I am looking forward with a hope of going. 2). Why would I want to go again? With that said, it is hard to explain without answering yet another question I am asked 3). What was the best part of being there? For me, it was to be able to wake up everyday and see the life within their bright eyes, hear the sweetness of each voice as they laughed, said "welcome", or "good day auntie brandy", and to feel the warmth of their gentle hugs...all while they were living in conditions such as they were. They were eager to learn and quick to share their life with us. Then at night, along with Brittney, Debbie, and Cristina. I would help spend the evening planning for the next days events and go bed, knowing inside that i was living for a purpose that was NOT my own. There is much to be said for living for a purpose that is bigger than ones self. It changes the perspective of life as we know it. The highlight for me was not that I went to Africa to help teach, rather, it was that I was the one who was taught. Life is full of things..without people and relationships, that is all we would have to look forward to...just things. I am forever grateful Jeremiah & Brittney for your friendship. For getting the opportunity to watch and learn as you love people enough to give your life in servent-hood, while raising beautiful children under the circumstances most of the world could not comprehend. You are amazing people created to live for a purpose that is not your own." Brandy

"It's crazy what value we put on "things" instead of what truly holds value. I'd rather be known as having a heart for God than one that dresses well and has nice things. I was created to serve and to worship the King." Cristina


Extra pictures of the crew together:

Enjoying Youth Day. Hannah and I got to march with  Afro American  Bilingual Primary and Secondary School.  After the march we were able to go to the Governor's house and make more contacts due to my Aunt Debbie getting a special invitation by someone she was sitting next to.

In the village after Sunday Service.

Showing them the market where I do most of my shopping. 

The crew after teaching a Bible Class at Afro American School.

The 3 ladies teaching and helping with the Sunday school class in Maumu.

Another village shot. The children really enjoyed having the ladies teach them and spend special time with them.

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