Friday, 1 March 2013

Debbie, Brandy, and Cristina's Cameroon Trip Part 1 of 2

Hi All! We had the opportunity to host My Aunt Debbie, Brandy, and Cristina for 2 weeks. It was the first time coming to Africa for all of them! I praise God that they were able to bless many here and also be blessed themselves. Here are some notes written mostly by Brandy, pics by Debbie, and inspiration from Cristina. Enjoy!

"We started the day going in town to help teach at the hospital on hygiene, nutrition, and exercise. The people were very receptive, asking questions, giving insight to their ways of day to day life, and hungry for suggestions to better their health and fitness :-) came home for a traditional lunch of rice and stew made by one of the Cameroon ladies helping during our visit. Soon afterwards, it was a trip in town for our fittings for the dresses we are having made from the material we bought in the market this week. Very anxious to see how we look in our "African" attire :) Back home to prepare and have the honor of teaching bible club for the surrounding children Brittney teaches several times a week...what a Blessing!!! Dinner, baths (from buckets as the water is only on an average of every other day here, if...) devotional family time, and now the wind down. Tomorrow will start early for us as we go in town to teach the children’s Bible lesson at the school...”

Brandy taught about health and nutrition, Debbie taught about the importance of stretching and exercise, while Cristina taught on hygiene.

"Today is the 1/2 way point of my volunteers, Aunt Debbie Lacy, Brandy Smith Deaver, and Cristina Lozoya, being here and so far their visit has been AMAZING. They have helped with Bible club, visiting people, volunteering in a local school, Sunday school in the village, making contacts, encouraging others (including me) and more! We've also gone to go to the trade fair, market, and a beautiful waterfall. We've had a great past week and I look forward to another great week ahead of us. God is good!"

Visiting a young lady from our gym.

My 3 visitors were able to encourage Cecelia with some of their favorite Bible verses.

We got to visit a Ethiopian friend of mine who showed us how to roast coffee from scratch. Beautiful lady, beautiful scenery and the best cup of coffee you will ever taste.
"Today was eventful as we took a trip over to Kumba to be with the children living at Mah Di's Orphanage. Both rewarding and bittersweet. Bible stories, singing, & craft time we all enjoyed. The children are smart, giving towards one another, and hungry for love and attention. The orphanage is ran by 5 ladies who own the land themselves and provide for them on their own as well. This orphanage receives absolutely no help financially by government assistance, private donations only. The children usually come to them from social services due to the mothers dying during child birth, the rest are collected just wandering the streets. Today there were 25 children ranging from 6 months to 17 yrs, sharing 2 rooms filled with only 5 or 6 bunk beds for sleeping arrangements :( Yet, their spirits were sweet and full of thankfulness."

"Today would be what we would call a day of rest :) However, there is still food to be gotten and cleaned thoroughly since the water has to be filtered, boiled for a while, or vinegar used with it for cleaning of fruits and vegetables. And there are only specific markets, butchers, bakery places, and people we buy from here. Not like our shopping at Homeland, Walmart, or Sam's...I truly believe most of the health problems and disease here arise from the lack of safe sanitation knowledge of their food storing & distribution, cleaning, and preparations and then passed through contact :( With that said, one can’t help but think it would be brought up to better standards if the people here had running water CONTINUALLY. As we come and go, there is always with us baby wipes and hand sanitizer for our personal use. For soap and water is not to be found unless there is some stored up where ever we go. Which one must know to ask for. Water has not been on for several days here as I type. Probably we will have to go and fetch water later for all our cooking, bathing, & cleaning purposes. Oddly, I am looking forward to this experience at least once. ;-)"

This is one of the places we go to fetch water.

Looks like we will have water to take baths today. :)

"Good morning :) its a beautiful day here in Cameroon! This morning we have had breakfast and are now packing for our overnight trip to Limbe`. Tomorrow is Jonathon's 3rd birthday & all he wants is to go to the beach to swim, go to the zoo (the zoological center is where the many types of monkeys & gorillas are amongst all the other a 3 yr old, its the zoo), and a hamburger!!!! Sooooooo.... FUN will be had by all!"

Swimming in a natural spring water near the ocean.

"Hello all! Today we rose for breakfast and then made ready to leave for the village of Maumu, church in the village . Bible class, communion, and Sunday service with Jeremiah preaching. We were sent off with bundles of bananas brought to each of us from the beautiful children since this would be our last time with them. Thank you for welcoming us into your community & homes. Good day my new friends. Back to Buea for lunch, relax time, preparations for our next few bible teachings with the school and kids bible club."

At first, I wasn't sure if I would have enough activities for my visitors but it turned out that they were so busy that we weren't even able to get to do everything on my list. So thankful for the many doors God opened for them to serve. 

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