Saturday, 10 March 2012

"Our Town"- Life in Buea.

Buea Sunrise
Life in Buea, what's it like? We've been here almost 2 months now, but are getting to know our town little by little. Here's a few pictures and observations about life in Buea:

Typical Morning Weather
It's really, really humid. Clothes never dry, even though this is supposed to be the dry season. It is overcast about 50% of the time, and clothes, if they are hung up, don't dry unless there is a fan or a dehumidifier next to them. It's just a fact of life here.
Misty Bokwango Road
You can see, we have a lot of misty/foggy days as well. The weather is very pleasant for sleeping at night, if a little damp. We haven't needed a fan, and usually wake up a little chilly. Just watch out for mold. We lost one mattress to it already.

Different markets have different days: Soppo market (the biggest) is Tuesday and Saturday. Muea is Sunday and Thursday. Buea Town market is Monday Wednesday and Friday. Haven't been to the latter two, but hopefully will sometime.

Mount Fako from our House
Mount Cameroon is amazing... it is like a mystery in many ways, so often shrouded in clouds or fog. Buea is on the slopes of the mountain, just up to where it becomes practically impossible to build. Mount Cameroon determines Buea's weather, areas where people can build, and even supplies our water out of a spring. It also is a threat to Buea... there have been 4 sizeable eruptions in the last 100 years, and while none of these have caused major damage, there are also many mini-tremors which cause problems for some of the poorly constructed concrete homes. This is also a reason why many of the older homes are either built up on stilts or are made out of wood. 

Soya Man
People are wary of strangers, but open up when the see you are friendly. Cameroonians in general are not as much of extroverts as Ghanaians, but they can warm up to you and take you in when you've proven yourself friendly. People don't want strangers taking their picture (understandably... how'd you like some stranger sticking a camera in your face, taking your picture and then posting up on their blog?) so, we try and ask permission. Once you explain it, and also if you offer to bring them a printout (and then actually do that), they are pretty happy.

Elderly Man in the Market
Well, hope you enjoyed the pics and the thoughts! Next blog post: We Climbed Mount Cameroon- Half-Way. :)


  1. We thank God that we have found a place that we like and has an open door for ministry. Pray for us as we reach out in Buea...and all of Cameroon. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures and more information about where you are living! You guys are awesome! Praise God for workers like you :-)