Monday, 12 March 2012

Busy Busy Brittney

Hey All!

Well, I (Jeremiah) decided to dedicate this post to my wonderful wife and help-mate, Brittney! She's a truly amazing woman and God has really worked through her life and continues to do so in ways that astound. Here's a few of the those ways that God has been working here in Cameroon.

Buea to Limbe, via public transport.
Brittney is an amazing traveler. All through our travels to and around/in Cameroon, she has been able to shine for Christ, with an awesome attitude. It has been a real blessing to me to be able to get things done and count on her great attitude whether we are crammed like sardines on a bus or riding in our own car, she's been content.
Measurin' Up
Brittney has such a sense of fun, it's been great to be blessed with not only a working partner, but someone who makes me laugh and brings such joy to the people she's around.
Laundry Ladies
Brittney's Cooking
I'm clothed, fed, and in general taken care of because Brittney has done an amazing job keeping things running in our house. I've been often out and about getting things done, and she's really done a super job keeping our house in shape. So helpful!
Borstal Institute Road, Buea
Brittney's also been able to be used by God outside the house as well, whether it's going on walks and meeting people or making contacts in the various places she goes for groceries, it's been encouraging to see her make friends in such an amazing way.
Bible Club Story Time
My God is...
Wow, God is indeed so BIG! Seeing the way that these kids have been learning Bible stories and seeing love is just amazing. This is something that is all hers... I don't really help out at all with it, and she's doing a fantastic job.
Meat Market
That right there is a missionary woman... keep on smiling, even when this is what the meat market looks like. Hannah's face tells you the natural response. :D
Happy Birthday Jonathan
Cute Girls in their African garb.


Of all the things Brittney does, none is more important to me than how she is such a wonderful mommy to her kids, whether it's helping Hannah with her schoolwork, or making Jonathan a birthday cake, or going with Hannah to women's day, she is absolutely dedicated and devoted, and an all round awesome mom!

I could go on, but in short, Brittney has been so busy here, serving God, and making an impact in so many ways! I couldn't even imagine where I'd be without her... she really completes me, and I'm beautifully blessed with such a special woman. Thank God! 

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