Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Spring update!

Hi all! It's been WAY too long since our last update. We are excited to share with you some of the ways God has used us to serve Him these past few months.
The Buea ladies had a seminar a little over a month ago which turned out well! I was thankful that I had the opportunity to share with the ladies about the importance of strengthening your physical and more important spiritual well being... and what happens when you neglect strengthening in both areas.

A heavy demonstration at the beginning of the lesson to capture the attention of the audience and let the lesson me memorable. 

Alima led a song in Twi (Ghana's dominating language) AND in Pidgin which she learned some while here.

Another encouraging lesson by one of the Cameroonian women was taught.
Something else that kept us busy was being involved with the students in the school whether it was by tutoring or celebrating birthdays.

Emmanuel turned 8 a few days ago..

And Daniella (in the red in the middle) turned 6.

Alima tutoring in one of the homes of the students. 

Jeremiah is such an amazing man keeping himself busy being productive for the Lord despite various challenges. He truly is spirit filled and spirit led.

Jeremiah was invited to a fashion show by one of the guys in the gym, he was even given 2 nice looking African shirts to wear.
Teaching, preaching, leading programs are a few of the things Jeremiah does best, glory be to God for strengthening him and giving him wisdom.

Travel in Cameroon
There are 2 goats hanging out on top of the bus that kept head butting each other, we were entertained.

Suzanne is a 30yr old lady that a brother in Douala wanted to help when no one else would. She had elephantiasis and wet gangrene on her foot. We thank God that she was able to get the surgery she needed and is healing quite well and is more healthy all around. We are thankful for the opportunity to play a small part in helping Suzanne. "Little drops of water make the mighty Ocean." Please pray for Suzanne as she continues to heal and more importantly for her spiritual health as the brother in Douala continues to reach out to her.

Alima was with us for 9 months helping the ministry in so many ways.
She encouraged all those she came in contact with. 

We had a little going away party with food and basketball involved.

She surely is missed but we look forward to seeing how God uses her to shine in Ghana.

Tis the season which brings rats...

And SNAKES!!! Still thankful for the rains which provides water for many people. 
We had a program inviting people to come and pray for the country and the unrest it is facing at the time. We also sang, played games, and enjoyed delicious food. 

Bible charades!
The kids had fun participating too.

Cameroon trivia was another fun game.
A buffet that all can enjoy!

We are thankful for the pingpong table that the Harris' left, it has been put to good use.

The Celestial Singers uplifted and edified us all with their amazing God-given voices. 

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  1. I am so blessed to see all that you are doing for God. We pray for you daily. Glad to see Jeremiah able to do so much. Seeing your work over there makes me appreciate all the more the comforts we have here.