Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Greetings from Cameroon!

Greetings from Buea, Cameroon Africa! What a joy it is to finally, despite slow internet connection and power outs, write after being back for almost a month now . We basically came back and hit the ground running and we are excited to share some of the things that have been going on these past weeks. God has been so good and we thank Him that the ministry continues to flourish.

VISITORS! Lots and lots of visitors. Culturally, it shows appreciation when you come and visit others and since being back we have had a lot of appreciation! :-) This is my friend Nelly and her lovely family.

It has been nice welcoming people into our home and seeing those dear to us here after 4 1/2 months. This is Brother Wilson and his sweet family.
I had the joy of getting a visit from Sister Barbara who lives in Douala.
Carys enjoyed the many visitors, too.

Not only have we received many visitors but we have gone to others homes. Here I visited sister Helen to give her Pidgin Bibles to give to another sister in Christ who is traveling to Italy to give a Cameroonian brother in Christ there, haha. It's good to have connections!

Here some of us ladies from the church are visiting our young Sister Cleopatra who is ill but thankfully is doing better than what she was a few months ago. Let's continue to pray for her as she is fighting what they think is bone cancer.

Coming back we had to deal with a number of challenges such as cleaning mold that was growing on almost everything, jet lag (kids were up till 3, 2, and 1am the first week!), a number of car problems, missing luggage for over a week, a number of "expected" unexpected costs that came up, our water pump not working, and so forth. Praise God that since then we have cleaned up the house (pretty much), have the kids on somewhat of a schedule, the car is fixed, and we finally retrieved all of our luggage! We know that God will continue to supply our needs.
A few days after coming back, some of the brethren had a youth retreat. It was fun to take some of these youth to the program.

Jonathan was happy to see some of his old friends and make some new.

With Sis Odette & Sis Vera.

Carys &  her Cameroon Grandma, Sis Esther.

Some of the women who helped with all the cooking at the Youth Retreat.

It was especially nice to see all the brethren at Mile 16 (Bolifamba COC) again who we have been spent a lot of time with as a congregation.

Jeremiah preaching the Word. He is an amazing preacher and is always good at giving good examples to which people can relate. He's a great encourager and motivator.

Jonathan eating with his buddy John after Church assembly.

We have been busy preparing for school that will start up next week on Monday. This is a picture of our Parent-Teacher meeting. It went really well and we are excited about the new school year!

The kids were measured for uniforms by our Sis in Christ, Bettina.

A sister in Christ, Comfort, was so excited to see the ACE school system being run in Cameroon which teaches the character of Christ and helps train up these precious souls in the Lord.. She lives in Russia and works for an ACE school there.

Our gym ministry keeps growing so we did some renovations to the gym building such as tearing down some walls, getting some new equipment and doing some painting.

Our Sunday evening home Bible studies continue to go well.

I don't have many pictures of this amazing guy but I really appreciate all that Jeremiah does. God really helps him to accomplish much for the ministry.

The next 2 pictures show the most exciting news that we can share since being back! Jael has been studying the Bible with Elizabeth Teke for several months now and a few days ago she decided to be immersed into Christ. Praise God!

Paul, a contact through the gym, was immersed into Christ after having several Bible studies with Brian and George. THIS is exciting!!!

We really do thank God that we have been able to hit the ground running. We continue to covet your prayers and appreciate your support, as we press onward and upward, serving the Lord here in Cameroon!


  1. Looks like you hit the ground running! :) Glad you made it back safely! <3

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